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Monday, October 1, 2007

Protein Shakes and Weight Gain

The most important supplement that you can take to gain weight by building muscle is protein shakes. They are basically the only supplement that I have ever used. They are completely safe, unless you are taking a crazy amount like 700grams in a single day. There are no side affects or anything. So why are protein shakes so important? Protein is definately the most important part of your diet when you are working on building muscle and gaining weight, and is the building block of muscle. Without protein you body cannot build muscle.

But cant I get enough protein from my regular diet? Why do I need these extra protein shakes? Of course you can get protein from your regular diet, however we all know that when we are trying to gain weight we need to be eating at least 1 gram of protein for each pound of your body weight. It is extremely hard for you to get this amount of protein from your regular diet.

Do you have time to be eating steak all day long? Of course no! t, this is why you need to be taking protein shakes. They are quick and easy, just scoop out the powder into your glass and add the liquid of your choice. The average scoop is about 18grams which makes obtaining your daily protein limits much easier to obtain.

I am not saying cut proteins out of your regular diet. Protein shakes are a muscle building supplement, they should be unused in addition to your regular diet - not instead of. The best times to be feeding your body with whey protein is early morning before breakfast, or just after you have completed your workout.

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