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Monday, October 22, 2007

Muscle Builder Program

Getting started on your Muscle Building Workout:

Muscle builder program Step 1. Decide exactly the days you will exercise, the days you rest, the exercises you perform and your rest periods.
To Build Muscle exercise 3-4 days a week. Not more. The sample Workout section will give you 3,4 and 5 day workout plans. The Exercises section will provide you with the best Exercises by body part and tips on how to do them correctly.

2. Warm up and Stretch.
Warming up and Stretching are crucial to an intense muscle workout and to prevent injuries.Warming up your body pumps fresh oxygen-rich blood to your muscles helping them prevent overstress thereby avoiding injuries and also flushes the waste products of muscle metabolism namely Lactic acid. Cardio and Calisthenics are excellent as a warm up. Stretching helps increase range of motion, makes training safer and makes your body incredible flexible.

3. Proper Breathing

It will help you lift better ! and more. Simple tip. Exhale while you exert.

4. Masive arms.
Training biceps after doing your back routine and training your triceps after a chest workout are antiquated training concepts. For example, when one does a full back workout, there's plenty of residual fatigue in the elbow flexors from all the chins, rows and pulldown exercises that drastically reduce the training poundages in all curling exercises, thus falling short of optimal loading for the elbow flexors. At this point, you are using loads that fall short of the optimal training zone for overloading properly the contractile proteins. I strongly suggest that in order to improve the strength and size of your upper arms, they should be trained alone as a training unit. That leads us to point number two.

5.Progressive Muscular Resistance = Muscular Growth.
Again the adaptation skill of your body and mind comes into picture. Your body grows only in response to progressive stimuli. Keep up your! intensity level and add at least 5 lb to major muscle exercis! es and 2 .5 lb to minor muscle exercises every 1-2 weeks. If you keep performing the same weights every time you will stop to grow.

6. Every Workout Plan works but nothing works forever.
All your life your body have been adapting to any new stress it encounters and it does the same with Weight Training. After a period of 3-4 weeks your gains will drop as your body gets adjusted to the exercises. Keep adding a few new exercises so that your body never gets in the comfort zone.

7. To gain arm strength, pause between reps.
Too often, trainees fail to make mass gains in their upper arms because their strength in biceps and triceps exercises has been stagnating for awhile. But, there is another way out. Research by Canadian exercise physiologists has shown that for a given submaximal force of contraction, motor unit activation is greater for repeated (intermittent) than for sustained contractions. Pausing between reps helps offset the oxygen debt associated with susta! ined contractions by various mechanisms, one of which is allowing the removal of waste products from the muscle cell that block the optimal neural drive. This type of intra-set rest allows for the recruitment of higher threshold motor units, which is essential for strength gains. Make sure these pauses are no more than 15 seconds in length and are taken where muscles can rest, such as when your arms are outstretched. If you have a high fast-twitch make-up, I recommend going toward 10-15-second breaks between reps, provided you do not do more than six reps total per set. If you are leaning more toward having a slow-twitch fiber make-up, pausing three seconds between reps should suffice, provided you do not do more than 12 reps total per set.

Muscle builder program Step 8. Avoid Overtraining and Under training at all costs.
Most of us are guilty of Under eating and overtraining. To avoid this follow the nutrition plan and monitor progress. To avoid overtraining take! a 1 week break every 8 weeks. In that week you can perform ot! her spor ts like swimming, tennis or whatever you like. But give your body a break.

Patience and Persistence is the bottom line.

These tips work wonders only if you let them. The best plans in the world are not even worth the paper they are written over if they are not executed.

Once you get started measure your progress every 2 weeks. Increase Calories and/or intensity {add more weight and perform more reps.}

A symple fitness instructor with diploma

Muscle builder program

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