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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How To Build Muscles - 3 Killer Tips For Success

How to build muscles? It's a question that many of us have - for instance, many skinny guys work out like crazy but don't seem to build muscle. Once you know how to build muscles, the execution of it is the least hard part. Here I share with you X killer tips for building muscles.

Tip 1 - Eat more protein as a percentage of your diet. Protein is necessary to repair the muscles (more on this in Tip 2) and increase the muscle mass. A good way of doing this is via protein shakes. Some people don't want to use protein shakes because they feel that they are not "natural" but they are perfectly healthy and, if you prefer, just drink these shakes whilst you are building muscle and return to a more "natural" diet afterwards during your period of maintenance.

Tip 2 - Work to failure. What this means is that your last repetition of each set should be your absolute last where you can do no more without a small rest period. You cannot learn how to build muscles without ex! periencing this "last rep". It may hurt and your muscles may ache but that is a good thing! In fact, if you don't feel sore after a workout then you are simply not trying hard enough! The "damage" done to your muscles during a good workout and the subsequent repair by the body with the assistance of high protein are what increases the muscle mass.

Tip 3 - Work different muscle sets on different days. You can work out every day but alternate muscle groups each day so that the sore muscles from the previous day's workout are allowed a period of one day's rest to recover. You will find that this is the optimum way to work the muscle groups.

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