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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How To Lose Weight And Gain Muscle At The Same Time

You are probably one of the many that is trying to figure out how to lose weight and gain muscle. The way most exercises are structured it seems as though it is impossible to achieve both with out exercising for hours each day. I am sure that you have also spent time on the internet trying to find the answer to the problem. I already know that most sites on the internet tell you that really is not possible, they actually want you to think it is impossible. Honestly, it isn't impossible. You can build muscle and loose weight.

Most people that are overweight are already struggling and the fact that experts make it seem impossible to achieve both does not help the fact. I am sure that you have contemplated using a "magic diet pill" to help get the weight off quickly and start building muscle. While some of them way work, they are very short term and also carry side effects that are less then healthy.

The fact that there doesn't seem to be a middle ground where yo! u are able to achieve your goal of being trim and toned many people just give up and walk away. You really don't need to do that.

I am sure that you are like most people and know that cardio exercises are the best way to loose weight but they really don't help build muscle. I am equally as sure that you already know that they best way to build muscle is to do strength training exercises such as weight lifting. If only there was a way to get both of those results without "killing" ourselves with hours of exercise.

Well, maybe a few simple tips on jump starting your fat burning potential will help:

1. Eat the right pre-workout snack at the right time. Making sure that you are consuming a low carb protein bar approximately 90 minutes prior to your workout helps you burn more calories which then speeds up weight loss. It is vital that you do this 90 minutes before your workout and not one minute later.

2. Nose breathe - while it seems insane, breathing t! hrough your nose instead of your mouth will help stabilize you! r heart rate. This allows you to work our longer and burn more calories, hence speeding up weight loss.

3. Do you cardio exercises last. The fact is that our bodies take 15 minutes to warm up and burn fat. So if you are working out for 30 minutes, your body is really only benefiting from the second half of that workout. So do strength training first so that body is already warmed up and then finish with a little cardio.

These are only a few tips to help speed up the weight loss factor to get you on the path to lose weight and gain muscle. This is not enough though to help you achieve your goals. There are programs out there though that can benefit you. These programs will help end your frustration and help you get attain the results you are looking for. I have provided a few links for you so that you can get started today and stop the searching for the answer. I am giving you the answer.

Gary Holdon is a writer and internet publisher. Read his popular articl! es about weight loss plans and workout programs.

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