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Friday, October 5, 2007

How to Bulk Up and Build Muscle

If you are serious about wanting to bulk up, then you are going to need to be consistent, and persistent. It is not something that you can just do for a week, and then give up - it has to become a lifestyle change.

You have to learn to feed your body more. How can you ever expect to see any results unless you change what you are currently doing. So eat more, but more of the right foods. What you want to be focusing on is increasing your caloric intake - you want to eat more calories that you can burn.

If you are not eating properly while trying to gain weight you will lose muscle tissue. You have to make sure that you are eating plenty of proteins, fats (the right kind), and carbohydrates - and in large quantities, so that your body can gain weight. Another important factor in gaining weight is supplements. Meal replacement bars, powders, and protein shakes are all great ways to increase you daily intake of calories. If you are serious about gaining weight the! n you must be consuming at least 500 calories more than your body is using.

The two most important factors in weight gain is exercise and diet. If you are doing weight training and eating the right amount of food, then your body will have no choice but to gain weight and turn it into muscle. Make sure you are getting enough rest between workouts as this allows your body time to recuperate and build new muscle tissue.

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