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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Build Big Muscles - 3 Secret Tips for Success

If you want build big muscles, there is enough information out there to drive you insane. Whether its magazines, books, tapes, videos or the internet, everyone is trying to tell you how to build big muscles.

Let me clarify the basic steps for you which everyone agrees on:

Tip 1 - get the reps right to build big muscles. Many people think that doing many reps, say 20, in a set means bigger muscles. Or they think that putting on the maximum weight they can do and doing only one lift, maybe two, will be enough. This couldn't be further from the truth.

You should aim to do between eight and twelve reps per set. And this means that the last rep in each set should be the last that you can manage - if you can go one further, then you need to increase the weight slightly. Out of ten reps, it is those last two that make all the difference so make them really count!

Tip 2 - eat more protein to build big muscles. Your body needs protein so that after a good w! orkout when you are feeling sore all over, your body has the materials that it needs to repair the worn muscles. So, if the body can better repair the muscles, they will get much bigger more quickly.

Tip 3 - warm up and stretch before lifting. This point is often neglected but is very important. You can warm up by doing a few minutes on a bike or some skipping. You don't need to work up any more than a light sweat but you will be much more supple and your muscles more ready for action. Equally, stretch the muscle groups so that they don't fail when you go for those last two reps. Without doing both, you risk huge setbacks from injuries that take weeks to recover from. If you are regularly injured, your gains will be lost and you will have no chance to build big muscles.

Warming up and doing stretches is boring, but you must do it!

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