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Saturday, October 20, 2007

How to Get Abs of Iron - Fast

Powerful abs look hot. There is no two ways about it. A good looking set of abs is a marvelous center piece on a muscular body. Nice developed delts and big guns are somehow not legitimate if the tummy has some fat on it or a pouch. Somehow without those rock hard abs of steel, the muscular body is seen more "gross" (less refined) on a guy and simply fat on a girl, even if other body parts are well developed.

Everyone wants nice looking abs. The question is how to get those abs of steel fast. Then it's just a matter of maintenance.

The answer is simple. It's a two pronged approach.

Apply crunches and sit ups to increase the size and thickness of the abdominals. By enlarging this large muscle group we do something very important. It is well known that muscle burns more calories. A bigger muscle, burns a bigger amount of calories even at resting rate. An extra pound of raw lean muscle will on average burn 10 calories extra per day, so if you doubled the si! ze of your abdominal muscles and added 10 pounds of raw lean ab muscle, you will be burning an extra 100 calories a day than you do now, at resting rate.

This, of course, makes the second part of the process easier. We restrict calorie intake, eating special foods. Proteins. Also we employ a cardio program in an effort to burn off fat and reduce our over all fat levels. (Spot weight loss just on your tummy is a myth)

You can easily start dropping 4 pounds a week this way simply because your body burns a lot more calories just functioning. Also any cardio you do, the calories burned are multiplied by the new raw lean muscle you have gained. Within a month, almost anybody can look like a fitness model and have those abs of steel.

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