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The Three Powerful Hormones That Decide The Fate Of Your Muscle Building Program

Hormones are gatekeepers of body functions, they regulate most of the body processes. Excess or deficiency of any hormone can have a lot of impact on your body. Any imbalance in hormones results in a side effect. e.g. acne is widely attributed to hormonal imbalances.

Muscle building is no exception. Here too hormones act as gatekeepers. There are hormones that simulate muscle growth while some other simulate breakage of muscle tissues. Your muscle building success depends a lot on how you manage these hormones. Below is a list three of the critical hormones and the role they play in muscle building.

1) Cortisol

This hormone has following two important functions

    1) Increasing abdominal fat storage
    2) Stimulates the breakdown of muscle tissue.

This hormone is released if you are workout time is extended beyond the one hour mark or if you are not taking proper rest. This hormone results in breaking up of muscle tissues. So, d! on't extend your workouts beyond the one hour mark. It will not bring any benefit.

2) Testosterone

This is the hormone found in most steroids. Increased quantity of this hormone results in more muscle growth. if you are following a muscle building program than make sure that all the while you have higher testosterone. Higher levels of testosterone will result in more muscle development. Again, improper rest or incomplete sleep decreases the testosterone levels in your body.

3) Growth Hormones

The name itself indicates the functions of growth hormones. They regenerate the body and play a vital role in muscle development. The body increases the production of growth hormones during rest and sleep.

One important conclusion from the above is the need of proper rest. All the above hormones are controlled or produced by your body while you sleep. So while depriving yourself of sleep may result in more production of cortisol that will inc! rease the muscle breakage, taking proper sleep will result in ! more pro duction of testosterone and growth hormones that bring in the necessary muscle gain.

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These ideas are the basics of any muscle building program and are critical to your success or failure. The two most recommended muscle building programs are muscle gain truth and the musclehead. If you want more information on muscle building programs you can read this review of muscle building programs.

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