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Thursday, October 18, 2007

How to Get Abs in a Month

Ever found yourself with your hand on your belly, wondering what it would take to transform that belly into a set of rock hard abs? Often it's easier just to dream. But sometimes. Sometimes its simpler just to put in the work, get it over with and get what you want....isn't it? Sure it is. This article shows you how to get abs in a month!

When you press into your belly, and feel how spongy and soft it is, often you may feel disappointed until you remember you are not tensing your muscles. Relieved, you tense those abs hiding under a fleshy outer skin and sure enough there is a reasonably hard wall of muscle there. Cool.

But you look up at the TV and see a couple of fitness models and it strikes you quite plainly, that your hard abs and their hard abs LOOK different. It is little consolation to know you have abs just like they do. Virtually the same. But yours are hidden under some spongy flesh and theirs is defined and tight looking.

So defining this we ! realize something new. Abs are not about the actual muscles but the presentation. You have the same muscles as the fitness models but when you take your shirt off at the beach, no members of the opposite sex even pay attention. When they take their shirt off, everyone looks right?

What's the difference? What's the confusion? The difference is the quality, texture and thickness of the skin covering your abs and theirs. That area of skin on a fitness models abs is thin, supple and taught across their abs. Yours may be loose, flabby and thick filled with engorged fat cells.

It is this area of skin you must work on and not the actual muscles underneath!

Drop 4 pounds a week for a month and watch how cool your abs start to look!

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