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Saturday, October 6, 2007

How To Gain Muscle and Burn Fat - 3 Tips to Achieve Success

How to gain muscle and burn fat has been an ongoing debate for years. Is exercise and diet enough to help you gain muscle and lose fat? According to weight loss experts, the answer by speeding up your metabolism, you can increase muscle mass and lose the fat.

Tip #1:
In order to increase your metabolic rate you need to increase muscle mass, which burns fat. It is a well known fact that without exercise, you lose muscle not fat. Dieting or fasting decreases muscle mass because the body is obtaining its source from the muscle. Therefore, begin an exercise program which is appropriate for you. Walk 20 minutes a day, and work up to a mile or more. Go swimming, as this is another very healthy exercise which can shed those pounds. Exercise to gain muscle and burn fat is essential for overall good health, and as your metabolism increases, so too will you yield a higher rate of fat loss.

Tip #2:
The most important component in keeping your metabolism at a high! er rate is to maintain a low-fat food diet. Consuming protein such as fish, and leafy green vegetables, a healthy and balanced diet has proven to be the best method in which you can gain muscle and burn fat. Other appropriate foods include: leans meats, chicken and low-fat dairy products, which are essential in burning calories. Although not everyone's metabolism is the same, you can maintain the same metabolic rate as you grow older, but in order to maintain the metabolic rate, a proper diet is necessary.

Tip #3:
It is important to live a stress-free life. While this is not easy, you can utilize meditation exercises such as yoga and deep breathing; Qi Gong and other ancient Chinese meditation exercises which have proven results. Your physical being is as important as your physical health. While it's true we eat when stressed or depressed, it is important to understand that maintaining a balance within will deter you from eating and thus, feeding into the emotiona! l problems you may have.

Gaining muscle and burning fat ! can be a ccomplished by following these tips. Certainly you may have other methods you have used and which have worked for you. The importance thing to remember is to keep your emotional and physical well being in balance. Only then can you properly maintain a regimen which will yield successful results.

Due to the obesity problem in our country, it has become clear that lifestyles have to be changed. Children are eating fast food and gaining weight at an alarming rate. Whatever we as parents can do to minimize the health risks associated with obesity must be given the highest consideration. As for adults, we are on the road to a healthier lifestyle utilizing proper nutritional diets along with appropriate exercise. It's an uphill battle, but one worth waging.

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