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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Build Bigger Muscles - The Scrawny Shrimp Way

Gaining muscle mass is easier than you think for skinny guys. I bet you are just disappointed that you haven't gained much weight in spite of eating a lot of food. And of course it's strange that someone would think of GAINING weight in a world that is trying to LOSE weight. Huh?

And you probably had it up to here with well meaning friends and "experts" at the health club telling you how to gain muscle weight.

"You have to eat like a pig."
"You eat like a bird and that is why you can't gain weight"
"You have to eat more than your body can metabolize to gain weight"
Or even the oldie but goody... "Mind over matter"

A pox on them I say...

I am going to stop here and ask you not to shoot the messenger. But... they are kind of right. I may have been one of those people who have said these things to you. But the real problem with these analogies is they have been repeated to death and kind of lost the real meaning of what you need to do to g! et any significant muscle and weight gains.

And you are probably like me, just climbing the steep wall trying to gain a measly ounce. And miserably failing year after year.

The real truth of the matter is we are genetically destined to be skinny. We have high metabolism and don't put on pounds as easily as some guys do. And boy doesn't that piss you off some of the guys can put on muscle mass just by watching TV? OK. I kid but some guys just pack on pounds without much effort. But not us...

Now repeat after me... "It isn't your fault that you are a skinny guy."

But I have great news for you! I have seen and talked to others were skinny guys all their lives and now are hard gainers with the guns. If you know what I mean. After talking with them, I have gained more than 40 pounds. I'm the heaviest I have ever been and boy, my own mother was surprised when she saw me recently...

So I am going to do some of the hard work for you today and give you ! 4 weight gaining tips that sure helped me get the body I have ! today.

First of all, you must accept the fact that scrawny shrimps like us has to follow a whole completely different set of rules than all those muscle guys you see at the gym.

And that means quit taking weight-gaining advice from those guys who are blessed with a body that packs on muscles like there is no tomorrow. It is like comparing apples to oranges. And it is just going to frustrate you because they speak one language and your body speaks another. Capisce?

And definitely stay away from the doomsayers. Mr. Negativity is just going to make you lose your motivation. I remember when I was a teenage and asked my family Doctor how to gain weight, he said "it was impossible."

So stay away from those who say it can't be done. They are not going to help you now because you are going to prove them wrong.

So let's get started now...

1. Look at your usually meal portions -- and increase that by a factor of 2. Sorry buddy, you are going to have to eat ! more. There is no other way around it. You can't gain muscles without more food. It is just that simple. When you prepare your foods, prepare two servings instead of one. This is the muscle building diet for you.

2. Eat every 3-4 hours. It is the most efficient way for your body to grow if you feed it regularly and don't allow any period of time, which there isn't any carbs, good fats or good quality protein in your stomach feeding your muscles.

3. Use oversized eating utensils and dishes. They make your food look smaller. Remember, mind over matter. Sorry! Couldn't resist... :)

4. Don't go to the gym and workout with your stomach growling at you. It means you have no food in your system and when you workout, your muscles are going to metabolize itself. And surprise! No weight or muscle gain. Big tip, even if you are not feeling hungry... eat something that sticks to your ribs anyway... You will be glad and thank me later for this quick muscle tip... This ! is your muscle building workouts -- EAT some food before you g! o into t he gym!

5. Be sure to chew and swallow good quality foods with good proteins, good fats and good calories. This is the kind of muscle building foods you MUST eat. AVOID junk foods with empty calories! If you are serious about gaining weight, listen to me now or listen to me later... It's your choice.

6. When you workout, your body is in a negative calorie situation. So you MUST feed your muscles with a protein and carb drink.

7. Never, ever, ever stop eating good quality foods! Train yourself to eat more foods and pretty soon you will get used to it.

And there you go, 7 great tips to get you started on muscle and weight gains. I know I said I would only give you four tips... So sue me. :)

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