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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Gaining Muscle Without Gaining Fat

The higher your calorie intake is, the more you risk putting on additional body fat. A Main Concern of Many bodybuilders is gaining fat which equals to bulk when what most of us are going for is more of the ladies man type of body which is a lean fit muscular body, instead of a bulky body.

Watch The Calories

Most Bodybuilders will intake an enourmous amount of food which in turn is an enourmous amount of daily calories. Guys the simplest way to get bulky is to eat eat eat however if you are not going for this type of body then put on the brakes because you will get bulky, however if you are going for more of a lean look then increase your workouts giving your body a ripped look. Its actually quite simple if you are overweight and bulky then you increase cardio which burns calories and decrease in calorie intake along with your fitness routine in place however if you are trying to gain weight then you should decrease your cardio workout and increase your daily ! intake of calories and increase your fitness routine.

I am asked many fitness questions daily however this seems to be the most common problem that can easily fixed. The perfect body can be achieved but instead of wishing, hoping or envying the guy at the gym who gets all the girls take a stand and figure out which type of body you have and what your course of action should be.

Nic Roberts

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