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Monday, November 26, 2007

Tips For the Best Way to Gain Weight

Many people who are looking to gain weight will find it almost as difficult to keep it on as those people who are trying to lose it and then prevent it from being gained again. In this article we provide you with some useful tips which are the best way to gain weight.

#1 - Take things slowly.

Instead of you having addition snacks on the odd occasion, what you should be attempting to do is regularly take in more calories than you would normally and that your body is unable to burn. Plus as well as increasing the number of calories you should also look at carrying out some kind of toning exercises as well.

Also set yourself goals which you can realistically achieve, so say that you are going to gain on average a 1kg each month. In order for you to achieve this particular goal you will need to increase the amount of calories that you have each day. Should be trying to consume an additional 300 to 350 calories each day. But you should still ensure that the c! alories you consume are part of a healthy well balanced diet and don't think that including fried foods or chocolate in to your diet is the best way.

#2 - Keep a food diary

Keeping this kind of diary will help you learn more about what you eat and when you eat and should be done for 2 weeks. Then you will be able to see what areas of your diet you can make improvements on and where you can start to include the additional calories you need to take in order to increase your weight.

#3 - Meal Times

Instead of trying to eat a few really big meals what you should be planning to do is ensure that you have three meals regularly each day and then include a couple of snacks as well. However the snacks should be healthy ones and avoid sweets, chocolate and other foods which although high in calories are extremely bad for your health. Also try to increase the sizes of the meals that you have. So in the morning for breakfast have an additional slice of toast or ! drink grape juice rather than orange juice. Then if you are ha! ving eit her pasta or potatoes with your lunch or evening meal than include an additional spoonful of these on to your plate.

#4 - Exercise

When it comes to the best way to gain weight you need to include some form of exercise in to your regime. Doing exercise will not only help to burn calories, but is also great for helping your bones to remain strong and the muscles within the body toned. The more toned a persons muscles are the more they will weigh.

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