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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Warning - These Exercises Help Build Muscle Fast

Have you ever heard the saying that you have to lift big to get big? It simply means that you have to lift heavy weights if you want to build muscle fast. The best way to lift heavy weights is to get back to the core exercises and concentrate on compound movements. If you do not get the basics right, you will never build muscle as fast as you would like.

I spend a lot of time talking about applying business principles to help people build muscle and burn fat, and focusing on the core exercises is not different. Imagine if Google were to forget its core principle of providing relevant search results for users. They would fail to be able to grow in other areas. Being able to provide relevant search results drives their advertising business. Fail to do the core things right, and the company's growth would slow.

This is the same with your workouts. Fail to do the big four "core" exercises, and you simply will not grow and build muscle as fast.

Unfortunately,! when I walk into the gym every day, there is something that I do not notice. I do not notice people focusing on these four exercises. I see them doing other exercises that I would largely consider to be finishing exercises, or exercises that should be done toward the end of a workout, after doing the core compound movements. The one thing I do notice, is that when I do see someone doing these exercises, they usually have more muscle than everyone else.

So what are these exercises that will build muscle fast?

The Deadlift

There are few, if any, exercise that work the wide range of muscles that the deadlift does. You work some of the largest muscles in your body - your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes - along with your lower, middle and upper back, your traps, forearms, and even your abdominals. Many people do not do the deadlift because it is such an exhausting exercise, and lacks the glamour of bicep curls and tricep pressdowns. However, lifting ! weight off the floor is a true test of overall strength, and f! or must people, will be an exercise where they can truly move a lot weight. And remember, you must lift big to be big. Moving a lot of weight also stimulates your body to release growth hormones such as testosterone, a key ingredient for massive muscle mass. If someone were to come to you tomorrow and tell you that you can only do one exercise to build muscle for the rest of your life, you should choose the deadlift. The deadlift is to your workout what search results are to Google. Plain and simple.

The Squat

I remember my legs feeling like Jell-O many times after a heavy squat workout. I cannot remember a more satisfying feeling after a workout. I knew that I had worked hard and heavy and that the muscles were going to grow. Just like the deadlifts, the squats involve the large muscles of the legs, but they also include the muscles of the back, neck and abs to stabilize and hold the weight. And like the deadlift, stimulating this much muscle causes your body to ! produce testosterone, the key hormone you need to build muscle fast. Think back to the last time you saw someone in the squat rack doing really heavy squats. Chances are you saw a guy with a lot of muscle moving a lot of weight up and down. This was no coincidence.

The Bench Press

This is the one that you are most likely already doing, but I have noticed that less and less people are utilizing the flat bench these days. For building the muscles of the front of the upper body, including the chest and shoulders, and the back of the upper arms, there are no better movements. It allows you to lift the most amount of weight while involving the biggest muscles of the upper body.

The Bent Over Row

We have picked weight up off of the floor, put it on our backs and lifted it, put it on our chest and pushed it away from us. The only thing left to do is to pull it toward us. The bent over rows allow us to use heavy weights hit the largest muscles ! of the back, the lats and traps and also incorporate the bicep! s. There is no better exercise to build the mass and thickness of the back than the bent over row.

The three things that each of these exercises have in common is that each of them

  1. Are compound, or multi-joint exercises that
  2. Allow you to lift heavy weights to
  3. Target the largest muscles in the body (and nearly all of the muscles in the body).

This in turn causes you to produce more testosterone, which leads to bigger muscles, which leads you to be able to lift heavier weights. It is a continuous cycle. Another side benefit? All of that extra testosterone makes those finishing moves that much more effective.

So, remember that your body is your business, and in order to grow you business and build muscle fast, you must concentrate on your core lifts and grow from there!

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