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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Six Pack Abs

Six pack abs don't come by mail order unfortunately, you have to work at them. Anyone who tells you that you can have a six pack in a week is talking about cosmetic surgery not exercise. If you truly believe that you could put in the effort to get ripped abs, then you can strike one up for determination. Determination and a positive attitude will only take you so far, the hard part is sticking to the workouts, even when you want to skip a session.

There are many exercises which will help you achieve a great six pack, but did you know that doing these exercises wrong can either have no effect or worse, they can injure you? It's true; so many people every year just have the thought of getting fit and working on the stomach muscles like a madman. If you have ever torn a muscle during exercise you were probably told to rest the injury for am couple of weeks, not everyone does this. People have injured themselves through using the wrong techniques and continued to train ! regardless. This is taking the expression "no pain no gain" to extremes, a little pain whilst training is ok, but never try to work through an injury.

Sit ups used to be the only stomach exercise people used to obtain six pack abs, unfortunately these only worked a fraction of the muscle group. Abdominal crunches are a good all round technique for the muscles and can only be varied slightly. After extensive research, fitness instructors and medical professionals have found many exercises which will help to build those all important stomach muscles. Abs blasting crunch, seated jack knife, abs bench crunch, hanging knee ups to name but a few.

If you want to get six pack abs, think positively, set aside time to exercise and make sure that you warm up properly.

You may not always see the results within the first couple of weeks, after a month to six weeks you will start to see improvements, if you stick to the proper training.

Above all, if you are exerc! ising at home, train safely and follow a good guide.

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