Thursday, November 1, 2007

Myostatin - The Bodybuilder's Secret To Unstoppable Muscle Growth

Michael Lockett - a top amateur bodybuilder from today's ranks. Flex Wheeler - a top professional bodybuilder of the 1990s. Phil Heath - an up and coming pro in the last two years who is setting bodybuilding stages on fire. They've all been granted the "myostatin freak" label by sport observers to explain their extraordinary muscularity and ability to respond to bodybuilding inputs (nutrition, supplements, training and more) - and the fact they were so good at bodybuilding, so early. But do they have it, or is it simply hype?

Myostatin occurs naturally in the body. Its task, simply, is to limit growth. It is a protein in the bloodstream which slows the development of muscle tissue. And there is a belief that either through gene manipulation or some other factors, human beings can have their myostatin gene altered in order to have a great deal more muscle. Already, there have been rare cases of dogs bred specifically without the myostatin agent - and they are faster,! stronger, and much more muscular than other dogs. However, they often take on a significantly altered look as their body's purpose becomes more efficient for carrying this muscular weight. Their skulls, frames, and other features often appear "less evolved" - broader, shorter, thicker, and sometimes with limited function.

It's a brand new science, but in the coming years, there will no doubt be a wealth of studies done on this gene, and a wealth of opportunists will arrive on the scene to capitalize upon the interest held by many in the bodybuilding community. Imagine the day when a syringe can offer some compound which lessens the effect of the myostatin gene in humans. Imagine if your arms DIDN'T stop growing at 19 inches - and they just kept on growing to 21, 22, even 23 inches. Imagine if your body suddenly threw away what it considers your inherited genetic limitations.

Keep an eye out for myostatin studies, findings, and of course, those bodybuilders crea! ting a hype machine by claiming to be the "next" myostatin fre! ak. No h ealthy, adult human being has ever been tested and found to have the magic myostatin gene which allows for unlimited growth. A test does exist to discover who is with the gene, and most marketing machine athletes have either failed it or chosen not to take it. But as with all things conceived today by science, it will likely be here tomorrow. Imagine a new breed of babies born with strength and genetic potential for muscle growth which dwarfs that of today's top athletes. The potential is mind-boggling. And it's coming.

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