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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Female Abs - Six Pack Abs For The Ladies

Not many years ago, if you said to someone that you wanted a six pack they would have told you to go to the liquor store. Today it seems that wanting to improve and tone ones body is very high on our list of priorities. Looking to achieve a rock like chiselled stomach is not just for men either, more and more women are looking upon the six pack as a sign of extreme fitness. Geri Halliwell is probably one of the more noticeable example of sexy abs lately, she didn't get like this over night though.

There will be men out there that will start pulling their hair out at my next comment, but it's true. Women are more likely to succeed at gaining sexy abs than men are to get ripped! Women can put a picture in their mind of what they want to achieve and keep going until they achieve it. Men on the other hand, well we get a picture in our mind and it probably lasts until the next pizza or wild party. Men will achieve their goals; it just takes a little longer.

Whether! you are male or female, achieving sexy abs can not be done without a controlled diet. There are many diets for weight loss which are very good, but you are looking for a fat burning diet which will also provide the nutrition which enables you to exercise. There is no point trying to simply cut down on the amount you eat whilst training, you will simply collapse from exhaustion because you do not have the correct vitamins and supplements.

Ant training regiment must only be undertaken when you understand what it is you want and what it takes to achieve it.

If you want to get six pack abs, think positively, set aside time to exercise and make sure that you warm up properly.

You may not always see the results within the first couple of weeks, after a month to six weeks you will start to see improvements, if you stick to the proper training.

Above all, if you are exercising at home, train safely and follow a good guide. Eat sensibly and drink plenty of w! ater to keep hydrated.

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At December 7, 2008 at 1:23 AM , Blogger fatboy said...

Female Abs are tough to achieve. Hard work and consistency are the only way I know of to achieve them


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