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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Six Pack Abs - A Slight 'Tilt' And Results Sky Rocket

Here is a little something I like to get my clients to do when performing their 'floor crunches'. When on your back in a normal crunch your hips stay on the floor. Well, I have spent most of my life doing this alteration in my training. It changes the angles so slightly but the increase in tension on the abs and therefore the higher results are phenomenal. You don't need to do it every workout, but alternate it.

So, lie on your back. get into your normal crunch position and instead of having both feet on the floor and knees together, keep one in place, BUT then bring the other leg up and let it hang at 90 degrees. - IE so your knee is up, your shin parallel with the floor, AND THEN lift your hips slightly by brining one side of your 'butt' up off the floor an inch or two.

Now do your workout. 20-50 crunches with the leg held in that position. Stop, put it down then rest for a 10-20 sec break. Then repeat the next set with the other leg in the new position. I k! now this little elevation will do wonders for you and work muscle fibers you have not worked before by switching this exercise to a more 'core based' workout, because of the stability needed.

Best wishes, hope you like it. Like I said, alternate the legs and you will see a great response from particularly your lower core/abs and be on your way to six pack abs.

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