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Friday, November 16, 2007

Build Muscle With Three Key Principles

There are many misconceptions in the world of bodybuilding and many people have their own ideas on how to build muscle and what is the quickest way to build muscle in this article we will outline the tried and true things that you can do today to build more muscle.

Sleeping to build muscle.

Sleep is one of the most important factors in muscle growth. If you are not getting eight hours or more of sleep per night you are severely hindering the ability of your body to grow new muscle and repair damaged muscle. There are several things that sleep actually does or allows to happen, the first and maybe the most important of these is the fact that during the first four hours of sleep your body secretes the majority of HGH also known as human growth hormone, which is essential in the building and creation of the muscle fibers. Sleep also allows your body to slow down and do almost turn off, which shifts focus to healing repair and regeneration.


Nutrition builds muscle.

Nutrition is another key area that is severely important to new muscle growth and like sleep it is one that many people do not pay attention to. Without the proper sleep and the proper nutrition your body is already behind the eight ball and your muscle building processes screeched to a halt. Now most people understand the importance of nutrition, but fail to apply it properly and most people think they can get the proper nutrition from a pill or vitamin. This is incorrect! The majority of nutritional needs have to be met from your diet. You need to be eating probably anywhere from five to eight meals per day. Every two to three hours with that being said, there may be certain nutrients that you're not able to meet adequately through your diet and in that case, that is when you introduce a vitamin or supplement.

Exercise builds muscle.

And with the other two factors firmly in place we can move on to the thi! rd and final factor in building muscle and that is exercise. W! ithout e xercise and the stimulation of the muscles all the sleeping and all the nutrition in the world will not build any muscle. Plain and simple muscle is built in response to stress from exercise, weight training, running, cycling, you name it! The one pitfall that most people fall into is they put too much emphasis on exercise or weight training. Sure it is important but if you do all the exercise in the world you will simply not grow unless you get adequate sleep and proper nutrition. So basically, if one of these is missing muscle building again comes to a screeching halt.

So hopefully with these three key elements identified, you'll be able to build as much muscle as you want.

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