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Thursday, November 22, 2007

How Do You Get A Six Pack?

If you are wondering how do you get a six pack, do not worry because you are certainly not the only one. People all around the world ask this same question everyday.

What you must keep in mind is that is that there is no easy way to get a six pack. Any infomercial or advertisement claiming to get you a six pack with minimum exercise is just fooling you.

Now with that in mind, let me tell you what the truth is. To answer the question of "how do you get a six pack", three basic principles must be applied. If you stick to these basic three principles I guarantee that you will have a six pack in just a month.

Principle number one is doing the right exercises and training them at the right time. You want to train your abdominals every second day. Much like any other muscle in your body, they too need rest in order to recover and become stronger. The exercises you choose should workout all the muscles in your midsection. By doing this you build every muscle an! d thus helps you to achieve the six pack look. For example one workout could consist of crunches, reverse crunches and side crunches. These crunches workout both lower abs, upper abs and the obliques.

The next principle is dieting. Now before you hit the back button disgusted at the simple though of it, let me explain to you why it does not have to be that bad. The simple fact is that eating right does not mean eating food that has no taste. There are hundreds of recipes that are low fat, low carbohydrate and taste amazing. I know this for a fact. Since I started cooking my own healthy meals, I have discovered how good healthy food can actually taste. Most importantly however, it keeps your body fat percentage down. This is critical for achieving the sexy six pack look.

Last but certainly not least is the principle of cardio. Depending on your current weight, height and metabolism you will require some sort of cardio to ensure a low body fat percentage. For some! people 20 minutes a day is just fine. For others 1 hour may b! e requir ed. One thing to keep in mind is that cardio can be kept interesting with the help of music and alternating the type of cardio. This could involve running, riding, skipping or rowing.

Now I know I have not given you a guide on exactly how to do everything I have talked about. This is because I think the best way for you to learn is the same way that I did. There are some amazing books that you can purchase that answer your question of "how do you get a six pack". If you are willing to pay a very affordable price then click here to go to the review page that helped me.

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