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Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Dark Secret About Adding One Inch To Your Arm Size

The internet is filled with hundreds of websites, articles and forum posts all focused on one thing: How to add one inch to your arm size.

There's even a program that claims to pack one inch on your arms in just 24 hours.

But today, I'm going to cut through the hype and reveal the deep, dark secret about what it really takes to pack a full inch on your arms.

First things first.

Most Arm Measurements Are 100% B.S.

The muscle magazines are full of pictures and stories about guys with "22-inch guns".

But the sad truth is that most guys "stretch the truth" when reporting their bicep measurements. They slip a finger under the tape measure, leave the tape a little bit loose... and just like that you've got a bogus arm measurement.

So don't get discouraged if you feel like your arms don't quite measure up. You might actually be a lot closer than you think.

The Fastest Way To Add Arm Size Is To Work Your Triceps

Many trainers ! don't know this but the muscles of the triceps actually make up about 66% of the size of your arm.

Your bicep muscles only account for about 1/3 of your total arm size. So the fastest way to "beef up your guns" is to work the muscle that makes up the largest portion of your total arm.

Add Leg Work To Increase Arm Size

The body seems to have built-in mechanisms that prevent the body parts from becoming grossly dis-proportionate.

Many guys skip leg training and focus only on the beach muscles, like chest and biceps.

While they may see some quick results, progress will grind to a halt because the body does not want to become disproportionate.

Many guys will see a sudden surge in arm size once they start working their legs with the same intensity they use to work their arms.

Finally, Here's The Deep Dark Secret About Adding An Inch To Your Arms

You won't read this in any bodybuilding magazine.

All the "gurus" conveniently om! it this fact. But here's the dark, dirty truth.

If you r! eally wa nt to add an inch to your arms, you will have to add 10-15lbs of muscle mass.

If you weigh 165 pounds and have 15 inch guns, you can do all the curls you want but you probably won't stretch the tape at 16 inches until the scale registers 175 -180 lbs.

This isn't what most guys want to hear. Most guys want to hear that you can pack an inch of muscle on to your biceps by taking some magic supplement or trying to magical one day cure.

The Truth (While Painful) Will Set You Free

Now that you know the truth about what it really takes to pack size onto your arms, you can forget about all those silly instant arm size solutions.

And you can focus on adding lean, quality mass. And as your whole body grows larger and more muscular, your arms will grow too.

Here are few quick tips for adding lean, quality mass:

1) Consume 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight daily

Your body needs protein to grow... and lots of it. If you fail to h! it your daily protein target your growth will suffer.

2) Brief, Basis Weight Training Workouts

Stick with compound exercises (squats, deadlifts, bench press, dips, pull-ups) and fight to increase your strength every week.

3) Allow ample recovery time

Your muscles don't grow in the gym. They grow when your work out ends. Your body goes to work to rebuild the muscles bigger and stronger.

Don't short-circuit the system by lifting again too soon.

Follow these three tips and you'll not only gain lean muscle mass but your arms will grow too.

************************************************************************ Matt Marshall is not a personal trainer or a professional bodybuilder. He's just a former skinny guy who figured out how average guys can build muscle and develop outstanding physiques. To see his blog, go to

Article Source: http://EzineA! rticles. com/?expert=Matt_Marshall

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