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Discover The New Muscle Building Laws For the Average Scrawny Shrimps Like Us

When you get up in the morning and look at yourself in the bathroom. Are you happy with your body? If your body looks more like a long distance jogger than a sleek and muscular college sprinter, guess what? There are tons of skinny guys just like you. But I have great news for you! All you have to do is follow the new muscle building laws...

All you life, I bet the last quarter in my pocket, you have had trouble putting on muscles on your thin frame. Am I right? The usual gamut of excuses is your hormones, genetics and some other reason. But you know what? It just means you have use a different approach to growing your muscle mass. It is not impossible for you to gain muscles no matter who told you that! If you train with weights differently and eat differently, you should be able to pack on muscle mass that people WILL notice.

And the best thing about it, you don't have to be stuck in the skinny guy mode for the rest of your life where people may laugh at you! and jokingly call you names.

The number one thing to keep in your mind is that thin guys MUST avoid overworking in weight training and aerobic activities.

Law #1:

Don't dawdle in the health club. It is a waste of your time just bumming around and you might be tempted to overwork which is going to put you back to zero. The girls aren't interested in you yet so get in the club and then get the heck out! So burn this in your memory. In and out -- just like the hamburger place.

And your workouts are going to be LIGHT! So suck it up and no... light workouts doesn't mean sissy workouts. If means you are smarter than the rest of the guys who cannot gain muscles and don't understand what we are doing. Heavy sets or long sets are counterproductive to weight gains in spite of everything you read or hear. You are a skinny guy so quit following weight lifting tips and advice for the bigger guys. Those guys already have the mass and can do whatever they want. Bu! t in order to get the MASS, you need to stop burning up all yo! ur muscl es!

Law #2:

Lose the iso workouts. You are just kidding yourself when you do those. focus on the compound exercises only. That means throw the bicep curls, triceps pull downs, hamstring curls out the window. Those won't work for you. If you insist on doing those, think about this for a change. All the years you have been doing those isolation exercises, have you EVER gain muscles? I rest my case. Ditch 'em. You don't need them.

Only do the exercises that require a combination of your body's major muscle groups to perform. Squats are good. Military presses are good. You get the drift?

So do only the compound workouts and you will be surprised! Also get rid of that hooky 5 day split workout schedule. Just do the full body, compound exercises and just watch yourself gain the muscle mass you never thought you would get.

Law #3:

Aerobic or cardio exercises. keep in mind that you are NOT fat and you are trying to get bigger. So don't concern you! rself so much about cardio program because you want to gain weight first and then you can focus on "cutting" yourself. Again, get the weight gains first and then worry about fat. You can't gain muscle weight by constantly burning up any weight gains you made... Makes sense to you?

So calories are extremely important for you to capture and keep in your body. You aren't even fat, so what is the point of doing cardio? so don't overdo the cardio but if you want to do something just to keep healthy and fit, fine, do a "little" aerobics but don't OVERDO IT! Focus on compound exercises in the weight rooms of the club.

Law #4:

Relaxation! Be sure to eat good quality foods and rest. If you are serious about gaining muscle mass, you are going to have to skip those all night parties with your friends. Just find a reasonable balance between a healthy social lifestyle and gaining muscle mass. And the most important thing to keep in mind is 8 hours of uninterrupted slee! ping.

Sleeping is the time when your body repairs the st! resses y ou put on your muscles during the daytime. Develop good sleeping habits and weight gains are sure to follow...

Law #5

How to lift weights properly and how much weight to lift. Ignore all the guys at the gym. They probably don't know what they are doing and will most likely damage themselves so badly that they will require surgery to fix it.

Focus on good form through the whole range of motion while lifting weights. If you are not sure about proper form, get a trainer. That is what they are for. They usually know EXACTLY how to maintain your form to prevent or minimize injuries. And believe me, you don't want to throw out your back. It really hurts!

And the last Law #6

Find someone who KNOWS what you are going through and has built up his body. They were scrawny shrimps just like you are now but sport a lean muscular build that women just adore. I would call this guy as some sort of mentor. Someone who can give you tips and hints how to motivate ! yourself each day and whatever weight gaining secrets he may have.


So let's do it. You know have the basics how to get started. It isn't a fast and dirty way but it will work. To sum it up, get working at the gym and get out when you are done, get lots of rest, eat good quality foods, use good weight lifting techniques to prevent injuries and find a mentor to help you out.

And wouldn't you know it, you are actually going to gain muscle mass that makes you proud of yourself when looking at the mirror in the morning.

Matt Taylor is a recognized authority on the subject of health fat-loss and fitness. His web site at provides a wealth of informative articles, fat-loss book review and resources on everything you'll ever need about No More Mr. Skinny Guy!

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