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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

10 Ultimate Tips For Building The Big Biceps You Deserve

Lower the weight in a controlled fashion and concentrate on your biceps while doing so. Everything you need to know about training, nutrition, supplementation and fat loss can be found at his blog Look at the powerlifters, they do tons of deadlifts, squats, pull ups, chin ups, they NEVER do any curls or isolation exercises for the biceps, and they've all got huge arms.

6.Concentrate on the eccentric movement, the eccentric (negative) movement is the movement done when you're lowering the weight, from the end point of the movement to the starting movement. I see so many guys going to the gym everyday, and doing endless amount of bicep work, all kinds of curls, barbell curls, biceps curls, dumbbell curls, concentration curls. You're not cool if you put a lot of weight and you're swinging your whole body like you're doing some crazy dance , you're not gonna impr! ess the cute cardio bunny by doing that, in the contrary, you're gonna get ridiculed for what you're doing. I've found the following biceps exercises to be effective for building big biceps : close grip chin-up (compound exercise) , barbell curl, dumbbell curl, incline dumbbell curl, hammer curl. Don't work your biceps more than 2 times a week. This way you exhaust your biceps indirectly by doing some compound exercises for your back, and then hit it directly with isolation exercises. The 1 minute rest between sets also seems to produce a great pump in the biceps, which is ultimate feeling of satisfaction.

10. Strict form builds big biceps, it's okay to cheat a bit on the last rep or two, but the majority of the reps need to be done with strict form in order to build big biceps.

3.Work in the 6-12 rep range, it is proven to be most effective for putting mass in most people, although there are some rare exceptions.

4.The biceps tend to easily adapt to training routines, change your workout routine every 4-6 weeks, alternate the exercises you're doing.

5.If you're not finding success with your normal biceps workout, Try working your back and your biceps in the same day.

10 Tips for building big biceps

The craze with building big biceps is unbelievable. Don't do too many sets for the biceps, 3 exercises with 3 sets each is sufficient and even more than sufficient in order to build big biceps, so don't do more than that in a single workout session.

2. One minute rest is sufficient when working the biceps. Try to squeeze hard at the top of the move! ment, squeeze / flex your biceps at the top of the movement, it works the biceps more thoroughly and puts more strain on it, which results with more size on the biceps.

9. you deserve it!.

Vince Martela is a former bodybuilder and a personal trainer. Do the biceps exercises with strict form. When doing barbell exercises try gripping the bar with the thumb under the bar. Most trainees neglect the negative portion of the movement and just drop the weight down as fast as possible.

7. Don't jerk nor swing the weight, lift it in a controlled movement. It's not just important to lift the weight, but the manner in which you lower the weight back to the starting position is also important and very often overlooked. This builds big biceps. You normally wrap the thumb over the top of the bar, this time put it underneath the bar. Don't cheat, leave your ego at the door. Try to squeeze in a couple of those in your routine.

8. The tragic thing is thes! e guys rarely work any other muscle at all, and after a few mo! nths, th ey look the same, they don't look any bigger, and their biceps stay the same size.

I've gotten so many e-mails of people not seeing progress with their biceps so I decided to make a post giving tips on how to build big biceps. Don't train your biceps too much, your biceps are one of the smallest muscles in the body, and they require little training, this is the most common mistake that most trainees do. First work you back with heavy compound movements like deadlift, pull-up, rows, close-grip chin ups, and at the end add 2 isolation biceps exercises (3 sets each) to your workout. Rest one minute between sets. Experiment a bit with this kind of grip, it tends to give out a better isolation in some cases, and a greater overall feel in the biceps when the biceps is worked.

After you applied the 10 tips I're sleeves are probably getting tight, so go out and buy yourself some new shirts... Everybody wants to have 'big guns' .

1. Giving only a ! minute rest between sets doesn't let the biceps cool off, so you're fatiguing them more with each following set that is done.


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