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Monday, April 28, 2008

How to Build Muscle - 3 Surefire How To Build Muscle Tips

We offer some of the most amazing muscle building resources on the web and will give you a free guide just for visiting. See, if you are at the gym every day, the only thing you are doing is ripping your muscle fibers apart more and more each day without giving them adequate time to heal. Nope. You are essentially turning yourself into a fat burning machine. For those of us who care about our bodies, we need to learn how to build muscle properly. Sound stupid? This is the hardest concept to get across to people, especially women. If you work out another muscle group than the one you worked out the previous day, all of the muscle regeneration that was taking place in the muscle group that you worked on the previous day is now swapped right on over to the other muscle group you are working on today.

Aside from just not working out at all or doing the wrong exercises, this is the numbe! r one reason people struggle with building muscle.

I'm a personal trainer, so my job requires me to be in the gym every day, but rest assured, I'm not working out every day. Then once you have built that muscle, it burns through over 30x (thirty times) more than fat. I hear this one all the time.

NO! This country is falling behind big time in terms of obesity and poor health. You have to know how to engage certain muscles. Do you want to know how to burn calories the most effectively? I'll explain.

Less is More
If you want to know how to build muscle, the answer is not "go to the gym every day." It's far from it. Because they're in the gym too much! You'll save tons of time and money. Build muscle! See you there! You'll be glad you did.

Hey, get off the treadmill
This one is for all of you folks out there trying to drop pounds by "burning calories." Yea sure, if you burn more calories than you take in, you are going to lose weight, but all you do on the treadmill is burn those calories right there at that moment. So get to lifting.

Lift with your target muscle group
How to build muscle by targeting the right groups is a little tricky to get the hang of, but is a very easy concept. Even if you say, yea but can't I work out different muscle groups? You barely burn any more because you are not breaking down any muscle fibers. They need at least a day, and sometimes two. It really does amaze me when I see the same guys in the gym day after day, pumping and grunting, only the achieve the minimal weight and muscle gains that probably are mostly due to age. We're here to help.

If you want to learn how to build muscle in the most efficient way possible, give our website a look. Act as if you were going to squeeze a tennis ball in between your chest muscles. Muscle fibers need time to heal. Many people try to use their shoulder and back muscles on bicep curls and end up getting hurt or just not getting an effective workout.

You won't be able to! lift as much weight, but you will gain more muscle if you do the workout properly. You'll literally burn fat away WHILE YOU SLEEP.

That means on your day off, you burn more calories just sitting on your butt than you would an hour on a treadmill. The most work is done in the initial pull or push, and in the hold at the end.

Follow these three tips and you'll get that beach bod in no time at all.

CWFitness is an organization dedicated to spreading the word about proper fitness. Engaging the muscle first which you are targeting will yield you a lot better gains than if you help it along with other muscles. That's how.

See, when your muscles are repairing themselves, you are burning through a ridiculous amount of calories just sitting there on your butt. Have you ever noticed that all the fat people are on the treadmills and ellipticals and all of the lean and in shape people are lifting weights? If you are doing bicep curls, engage your bi! cep muscle first, and use it to lift the weight. your chest. ! Coinci dence? Seriously, you will. This is a huge mistake too, because people think, "if I lift more weight, I'll build more muscle," when the real focus needs to be on proper form.

As another example, if you are doing chest flys, don't start the movement in with your arms, start it with... If you want to learn how to build muscle, you have to take at least a day off in between gym visits. Try it. Why aren't these people building muscle?


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