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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hardgainer Tips

You can do steady state , HIIT or mix things ups, as a hardgainer you should do your cardio 2/3 times a week, no more than 30 minutes if doing steady state cardio, and much less if doing HIIT.

12- Eat CLEAN, DON'T bulk up, that is stupid, stupid and stupid. Why? Why? of course it is. A balanced body is more pleasing and you'll avoid injuries.

7- Train heavy, by heavy i mean heavy, low reps, i believe a hardgainer shouldn't do more than 5/6 reps per set, and keep your volume low on sets too, you won't need more than 4/5 sets per exercise, and you only need one exercise for each part you train. With front and hack squats you work your quads without involving your hips and glutes that much. shoot yourself in the head it's quicker. I'm going to give you some tips, and if you follow them, you'll see results, they're simple to follow, it's probably different than what you've been reading, but open your mind and change, it's stupid to keep doing what you've been ! doing with no results.

1- This is one of the most important tips, burn all the bodybuilding magazines you have and never read any of them again, i mean NEVER. Besides bulking will ruin your health, your cholesterol will rise and that's not good as you know.

13- Live your LIFE, don't be obsessive about training and eating, don't spend your days resting because you want to recover to get big, that's stupid, Life is to be lived. For your abs you should do planks, if you want that good looking six pack, planks are all you need, don't grow your abs or you'll look bloated, and pregnant too , kidding.

6- Train with balance, don't be like those who only train their chest and nothing but their chest. Because you need time to recover, you grow when you recover and eat, not when at the gym.

4- You should train full body in one session, or upper/lower split, it's more effective for the hardgainer.

5- You should use mainly compound exercises, the ones th! at let you use lots of different muscles at the same time, and! that al low you to use more weight.

Being a former skinny hardgainer, i know how hard it is to gain muscle, i know how frustrating it can be to spend sometimes years giving it all, reading all that you can get, following all the training methods you come across, and at the end you look almost like you haven´t trained. Rest well between sets, one or two minutes, don't fall for the intensity hype.

10- Progression is the most important, keep trying to improve every workout, when you stop progressing in an exercise, change it, you don't have to change too much, it could be from doing incline press with dumbbells to a barbell, it's simple as that.

11- Do CARDIO, yes do Cardio, don't let anybody tell you it will burn your muscles, you're not going to run 10 miles, that yes will keep you from gaining muscle. You should train to be healthy, sports are about being healthy, you have to think about having a healthy balanced lifestyle, don't live in the gym, don't think abo! ut training all the time, live your Life, be Healthy, besides why would you want to have a steroid body look, bloated, with no aesthetics whatsoever, bones deformed, yes deformed, look at their big heads and chins, is that natural? High reps just forget about it.

8- Most of you just want to look good naked, so forget those stories of training for performance and many other details that will only keep you from your goals. Do your chins and rows to keep your anterior and posterior chain balanced. Why? i hope so) so why having bulk up period, and cutting period? You want to gain some muscle and burn fat, you don't want to get fat. The so called hypertrophy rep range 8/12 reps, for me it doesn't work, and for most hardgainers it doesn't work either. for nothing, why not look good all year? Some isolation exercises that i like are leg curls and lateral raises, they´re important too. I said that i prefer front squats and hack squats, because the back squats rui! n your look, it will make your belly big, your waist thick, yo! ur hips wide and your glutes will make you look like a duck . Improving your blood circulation will help you recover faster, and above all cardio is good for your HEART, it's good for your HEALTH, and that's always the most important, besides it will burn fat and make you look good, aesthetic is always important. Keep your waist thin, do planks and keep your fat levels low.

9- Here's an example of a workout for an hardgainer, full body twice a week. Because you should keep lies away from you, those articles and workouts are not meant for any natural trainee, it's all hype and lies, those workouts you see in the magazines are good for steroid users, for those stupid bodybuilders who ruin their health to became bloated and freak looking, if you keep doing those workouts all you'll ever get is Overtrained.

2- Don't ever take steroids, you wanna die? Don't stress about it, sleep well at night, eat clean, train well, and that's it, the rest of the time have fun, Life has ! so many good things, just LIVE.


15- Be HEALTHY, have i mentioned BE HEALTHY

Just follow this tips and you'll see the results, be patient and persistent.

The Author is a Fitness Trainer you can see more articles in his new blog: Testosterone helps to build muscle and burns fat, cortisol destroys muscle and gets you fat. Doing cardio will help you to gain mass, if you have a better physical condition you can do better workouts at the gym. You don't need to be eating all the time. The worst part is, it's not all you fault, it's not all about genetics, first of all you have been mislead, nobody ever told you how you should train as a hardgainer, nobody told how to eat, most of the sources you searched, were only concerned about selling you lots of supplements and taking your money away. Get your shoulders! wide, do lateral raises, you already have the chest presses, ! you don' t need to over do it with overhead presses, work your chest with incline presses, the flat bench press will only build you boobies, that's not a man chest. Incline bench press 5x3-5 ; Chin ups 5x5 ; Lateral Raises 3x5-6 ; Front Squats 5x3-6 ; Leg Curls 6x3

On the next workout you can change the chins for rows and the leg curls for romanian deadlift with dumbbells doing one leg at a time, this will keep the tension more on the hamstrings and less on the glutes and lower back. You're not and never will be a professional bodybuilder (who wants that anyway, are you sane? What I'm saying is train for aesthetics, to look good and balanced, don't get too big for your height and bone structure, build your body, sculpt it, make your training an art. it's much better right? NO

3- Your workouts should be short, by short i mean never more than 45 minutes, but i believe 30 minutes are more than enough, after those 45 minutes your testosterone levels fall down, and your cortisol levels rise and you don't want that. Those should be the presses, chins, dips, rows, squats (i prefer the front squats and Hack) Romanian deadlifts! . You also shouldn't train more than 2/3 times a week.


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