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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Do You Really Believe You Can Get a Six Pack Toned Stomach in Only 3 Weeks?

But as the advert rolls, somehow you convince yourself that maybe, just maybe this time you can stick with it. It's so easy to fall for the message as you as you admire the chiselled toned physiques on the advert and imaging yourself "Stepping up with a grin" in front of the TV.

I know that this illusion is persuasive, and I suspect that you know that the truth is that gaining control of your weight and getting fit requires a change in lifestyle and ongoing consistent action!

Guess what, the same applies to taking control of any area of your life. So that's what they promise you!

And that is what you buy!

We all know that most 'home gym' equipment bought ends up gathering dust in the back of the garage.

Get a six pack in only 3 weeks!

Deep down most people know that getting fit takes exercise, but the marketers know that most people want it to be effortless, fun, quick and as easy as possible! Imagine building the body of your dreams wh! ile sitting in front of the TV (some programs even allow you to eat cake too!!). It will not help you overcome procrastination, get motivated, or find creative solutions to the challenges of your life. - It's easy!!

If it's that easy how come everyone doesn't just do it?

It's because you are being sold a lie!

Buying another 'motivation' product will not change you life.

No sweaty exercise required and no gym fees to pay. It takes more than some more information, but people want to sell you information and that's great business for them because when you don't apply it and feel bad about it, they can sell you more!

The truth is that you need more than information; you need to take ongoing action - and we all know how easy it is to fall back into old habits!

Years of coaching have taught me that your blocks can come in many shapes and sizes and there really is no "one size fits all" solution to your life. Why is this? Well, he says a! lmost every personal development guru is missing a fundamental! piece o f the puzzle, and it's not what you think!!

You can check out his free "daily action tips" at All for only three 'easy' payments of £39.99

Do you think anyone actually believes this? It is ongoing commitment to figuring out what is important to you, being willing to face the 'truth' of your current situation, taking action, learning and moving forwards that makes the difference.

Don't wish it was easier; your challenges are where your best learning lies, so work to get better and enjoy the journey (because it is your one beautiful and exciting chance of life!).


Anth Quinn has been described as the best-kept secret in Personal Development; he is a straight talking champion of everyday people and despite developing a loyal following of over 10,000 readers he managed to avoid publicity.

He says that he finally stepped up to right what he saw as fundamental flaws in much of the personal development industries and he became determined to do something about this.

Despite a massive amount of good information out in the market place Anth says that most people never make long lasting positive changes in their life. Buying books, listening to tapes, watching DVD's, and attending training courses will do absolutely nothing to improve your life unless you begin to act differently on an ongoing basis.

All you need to do is buy the book, DVD or go on the course apply the material and you can turn your life around!


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