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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weight Lifting Routines - Getting That Chest to POP Number 1!

Lay flat on the bench and hold the dumbbell by one end straight above your chest. I use the lower pullies as if I were going to do bicep curls, except you need both pullies. Repeat. Remember to always protect your joints while lifting weights.

What I am going to share is one routine that I do to build up my chest. If I can lift more than that, I up the weight. Protect your joints, without them you can't lift.

In my next article I will give another routine that I use to gain major strength in my chest and it will take any itty bitty pecks and explode them.

Want to get the real on the skinny, or better stated, get the skinny on how to go from skinny to buff in 2 months time and learn real weight lifting routines, then visit Bo's blog by clicking here. With the same method of lifting heavy, I get the max of 6 reps. Your weight lifting routines should never come before safety, and your technique or how you lift should carry more value than lifting heavy or ! how much you lift. Make sure that your motion is perpendicular to the floor so that you work out the upper pecks appropriately in a "flapping wings" fashion.

Thirdly I move to a flat bench and do pull-overs. Repeat until you have a full set.

Lastly I go to the Cage, or cables. Think of lying on the ground and reaching above your head and grabbing something with you arms extended away from your feet. Now when you do dumbbell flies make sure to be careful of your shoulders and elbows. Take a loose bench and one dumbbell with a sufficient weight. While keeping a slight bend in your elbows and arms locked, slowly lower your arms toward the ground going away from your body and above your head. So keep the elbows with a slight bend and do not extend the dumbbells past the shoulders. Then I slowly return them to the beginning position in the same pattern as I brought them up. So here is one routine that could rock your chest if done right.


I start off with the flat bench and the barbell. Stand! ing in t he center of the Cage facing out, I grab both pullies, while keeping the arms locked with a slight bend in the elbows, and pull them together closer to my body as I raise them to meet in the center of my chest. What this does is it maximizes the blood flow through the muscles and forces them to expand and tear greater, which in turn when it heals, it causes greater growth.

Second part of my routine I move to incline dumbbell flies. Extend to the point that your arms are in line with the rest of your body, and then slowly bring back up to the starting position. I lift in such a way that I can only get maximum 6 reps in all of my sets. There are 4 different weight lifting exercises that I do for about a months time, and then I switch my routine to a new one to keep the shock in the muscles. This causes the fibers in your muscles to work in a different manner, opposed to stretching the length you are stretching the width.


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