Thursday, April 24, 2008

How to Get Ripped Fast - 7 Super Tips

But even after all this (you know what's coming right?) she broke up with him because she thought his effort was poor. They know something the other guys don't. Guys need to know how to get ripped fast. You have to lift above your threshold.
What you lift must stress your muscles above your threshold. It could be anything.

Whatever your motivations, try these 7 super tips on how to get ripped fast.

You have to be specific.
You need a goal and you need to train specific to it.

How to get ripped fast is very important. I've seen guys come in and walk out a few months later looking absolutely shredded. Training 6-7 days a week is not how to get ripped fast. Any lower and your lifting wont stimulate muscle growth. You have to recover.
There is no point in jumping back on the weights while your muscles are still torn. Not just for girls, maybe it's for their self respect. Easy answer. Give yourself time to recover and when you workout go as hard as you can for short periods of time. Now she's with some bad-ass guy with a ripped body.

I felt bad for my friend but it got me thinking. Rotate your workouts too. The intensity must achieve maximum results and minimal work.
This is a tricky one because it changes depending on how experienced you are. The intensity must be short and frequent.
Training too often will hinder your success. He did his best - he hit the gym, ate well and for the most part got better. So go out and lift heavy weights, high reps. You have to work with intensity.
You think the guys in 300 got those bodies without intensity? Sure you can follow these and you'll go better than before. Or a movie part. Don't waste anymore time or money - visit today. NEW muscle has to have time to grow. Each workout has to be more intense than the last. Think again. I mean, I reckon this happens to a lot of guys. So give yourself a day or two to rest after working out. Or to get a job. Just recently my friend was going out with a girl and she wanted him to get fit (get ripped in other words). You have to lift heavy weights.
Will your muscles be stimulated more with 1-2 reps with heavy weights or 7-8 with heavy weights? Obviously this will be hard coming off a big night partying or working, but nonetheless you have to train with intensity. But to make maximum gains, you need special help.

I've seen guys spend years in the gym and get a little bigger. The bottom line is this: once you apply high intensity stress on the muscle, stop performing any more sets or workouts. Can you afford to walk into a gym without knowing what they know? They know how to get ripped fast.

These are tips, not a complete textbook on how to get ripped fast. This is very important. People who don't know how to get ripped fast often lift below their threshold and consequently end up with average bodies. Sure you can't do it in a second, but there's no point bumming around.

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