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Friday, April 25, 2008

How To Use Creatine

So, begin with a sensible, solid foundation then consider supplementation to push your physical boundaries a little further.

This week I'm going to discuss the number one supplement in the world...


If you don't know exactly what creatine is or the effect it has on your body perhaps this will make it a little clearer.

The most basic molecule that provides energy for every single function in every cell of your body is called ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate).

The structure of it is: 1 adenosine molecule attached to 3 phosphate molecules (ie.

Supplements are ergogenic aids utilized to enhance physical performance outside of normal dietary intake.

Bodybuilding supplements have evolved into a huge, diverse, confusing industry. A few have had less desirable effects such as headaches and stomach problems.

I recommend NANO CREATINE.

Nano Creatine comes in a very fine powder form and I have found it to be the easiest on your b! ody with substantial results.

Here's how I recommend you take Nano Creatine, however, you can play with the flavours and amounts depending on your body size.

Mix approximately 1 teaspoon of Nano Creatine, 3 teaspoons of glucose powder and 3 tablespoons of vanilla WPI protein powder into 300ml of water and 300ml of apple juice.

The water hydrates your body, the apple juice and glucose powder shuttles the creatine and protein into your cells.

Consume it twice on your training days, before and after your workout, and once on your non training days.

It needs to be cycled in and out of your routine for the best continuing effects and internal health. Your first priority must be a healthy, balanced diet that provides a constant supply of nutrients in the correct proportions. There is so much out there with such a broad spectrum of choice that any first time user must feel baffled. Not only are there countless different types of supplements, there ! are the endless brands and companies providing them.

Wha! t does o ne really need and where should you get it? They are called 'supplements' for a reason; they supplement a normal, nutritious food intake.

Nothing can replace fresh, healthy food: you cannot get the best out of yourself if you eat junk. They have all worked to an extent, some better than others. For more information, visit Personal Trainer. The benefits of this include:

* Ability to train longer and harder achieving faster results
* Decreased short term recovery time between sets and exercises of your workout
* Decreased long term recovery time between workouts
* Increased strength and endurance

Within the muscle cell itself there are also beneficial structural changes:

* Increased cell volume from the phosphocreatine drawing water into the cell through osmosis
* Enlargement and stretching of muscle cell membranes from the increased water uptake
* Increased synthesis and uptake of muscle protein
* Decreased destruction of muscle protein

It sounds pretty good doesn't it? A + P + P + P).

Energy is harnessed from the reaction of one of the phosphate molecules breaking its bond with the main molecule: A + P + P - P = E (energy).

So, adenosine tri-phosphate becomes adenosine diphosphate as it loses the third phosphate molecule: ATP - P = ADP

To continue the formation of energy the process must be reversed. Yep, that's right. You can't beat a healthy diet but creatine may be able to give you an edge.

I have tried Creatine Monohydrate, Micronised Creatine, Liquid Creatine, Nano Creatine and various creatine delivery systems. I suggest this simple system:

* 1 month on - 1 week off; then,
* 1 month on - 2 weeks off; then,
* 1 month on - 3 weeks off; then,
* 1 month on - 1 month off

It's a great product but it might not agree with everyone. The logic is evident. This is achieved with the second molecule involved in the reaction PC (Phosphocreatine).

Phosphocreatine drives the lost phosphate molecule back onto the ADP forming ATP so that energy can be formed again: ADP + CP = ATP

This whole process is called: The ATP - PC System and the cycle continues until the phosphocreatine is depleted.

You see where I'm heading here? Try it and see how you go. If you supplement correctly with creatine you build up a greater storage of Phosphocreatine in your muscles and liver facilitating the formation of energy. But remember that good food comes first.

In my next article on supplements I'll talk about Protein Powder.

Train hard and well.

Joey Sheather is the head trainer at Global Weight Training, which provides step-by-step instructions on how to get into shape in the shortest possible time! . That's not a simple question but here are my choices and advice after 10 years of experimentation and observation.

Firstly, I'll say upfront that bodybuilding supplements are not absolutely necessary to achieve your training goals. I've always respected this supplement because it just makes sense.


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