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Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Cheap Guy's Guide to Building Muscle

I continue to strive for that good undisturbed sleep to build and maintain strength. He instructs fitness, weight-loss, stomach flattening and kick-boxing. What is more, I often skipped or ate a small breakfast, had a medium lunch and supper. This totally went against the grain, but I tried it anyway.

First, I cut back my training to light runs (I loved running) and lifting weights twice a week, but heavier than I was used to. Quality before quantity. As for food, I started cutting out the junk and foods that I found out were not suited for me. After a couple of years in the military and trial and error, I found a new philosophy: eat and train less. Your chest and arms should feel like a dish rag when you are done.

Bent-over-Rowing 2 x 10 reps

Over head press 2 x 10 reps

Curls 2 x 10 reps

Squats 1 x 30 reps

Tuesday and Friday: Runs/sports

Wednesday: Rest

Weekend: Bike, ! etc.

Now the beauty of this workout is that I only needed a cheap-o universal gym to train on. My eating habits are pretty consistent, keeping the food as close to natural as possible, with some good quality supplements. there was some beer drinking in there), I was up to 150 pounds. This was the hardest part for a high-strung dude. Peacekeeper. The lock out were extending the bar to the full extension of your arms and then lower and straighten your arms.

Then, grab a light bar and do 20 reps. The routine went like this:

Monday and Thursdays:

Light run, Bench Press: Warm up with 10 light reps, then add 10-20 pounds for 15 half reps, then add 10-20 more pounds for 15 quarter reps. He has completed 5 full marathons and climbed Mt. He is the author of Stomach Flattening and One Less Victim. The difference is that I ate s-l-o-w-l-y and did not feel as stuffed as before.

REST. Maybe that was O.K. Most of the time, I just did not miss the late night partying.

After a year and a half of living fairly close to this (O.K. I tried massive amounts of protein, soy powders, whey powders, Growth Hormone Releasers and desicated liver with mixed results. He has instructed and consulted nutrition, fitness, kick-boxing and outdoor living skills for over 800 people. I gobbled down weight-gain tablets and protein powders, while lifting weights and running. for a fashion model, but not so good for a male teen.

Though considered too skinny for the military, I managed to get in with the hope that I would increase my body weight to 124 pounds. But, on civy street, I would do partial hand s! tand push ups off of the wall, chin ups and squats with a backpack on.

EATING. This minor supplement expense staves off any minor deficiencies. After a few years I was down to 145 pounds and burned out.

Nowadays, I am up to 155 pounds. Best of all, I have not paid for a gym membership or weight gain supplement for over 10 years.

Doug Setter holds a Bachelor's of Human Ecology. Well-meaning neighbours and relatives often forced food on me so that I "wouldn't waste away."

Some how I managed to build myself up to 116 pounds and held there steady. The author takes no responsibility for injury or illness resulting from this advice.)

As a 98 pound 15 year old with 9 and a half inch arms, I was always disparate to gain muscle weight. Yes, I ate less, but gained more muscle weight. I worked at it and worked at it, with not much avail. Then load up the bench (I used the universal gym as it was safer) with another 10-20 pounds more and p! erform 2 inch "lock outs" for 2 sets of up to 40 reps. I min! imized t he dairy products, wheat and sugar. I started to grab naps at lunch time and went to bed by 10 p.m. I fluctuated between 115 and 116 pounds with 10 inch arms. At the supper table, I was often the last to leave "cleaning up" anything left over. I became a paratrooper and later a kick-boxer.

After getting out of the army, I did drop weight from the stress of modern living: sandwiches on the run, beer drinking, late nights, missed sleep, low quality food and sporadic exercise. He has served as a paratrooper and U.N. No amount of food or exercise seemed to help. He currently manages 2nd Wind Body Science and can be reached at or Rainier. I kept it at that without the protein powders or special equipment. Later, I ! joined the army reserves and all of the outdoor living beefed me up to a staggering 120 pounds at a height of 5 foot 9 inches. I still vary my strength training with weights and body weight exercises. At school, I ate whatever was in my lunch bag and then whatever was in the cafeteria.

(Disclaimer: Never start a new routine without first consulting your doctor. The military was free. I was benching over 160 pounds and running 10 to 26 mile races. I ate more fresh fruits, eggs, meat and salads.


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