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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Antioxidants Helps You Get Lean and Toned Muscles

And by doing that, you will be adding muscles and burning up fat! And let's not go crazy with dark chocolate. You got it buddy...

Let's put out a definition of antioxidants just to clear up the air. Eating crappy foods. There are tons of other sources of antioxidants so be sure to look for them.

A couple of things to keep in mind when drinking teas and coffee. They just want to know the fact ma'am...

That's it!

OK. Looking older than your age definitely is a deal breaker here...

But let's just move on...

Free-radicals are linked to cancer, heart diseases and all kinds of degenerative diseases that makes us look older and shortens our life spans.

Nasty stuff huh?

So in comes the good guys -- the antioxidants to save the day! fat!

Just be sensible here... It still has sugar in it which raises our blood sugar and converts excess energy into... Look no further from your kitchen! dark chocolates!

You can't ignore! all the good news that is coming out about antioxidants. You will feel better and work out harder. right? Go for the organic teas and coffees. You can generate free-radicals just by exercising. I still have no idea why smoking makes one look cool. Which is by the way, a very good thing.

Go to this website to find out what else you can do to lose body fat and get those love handles reduced. And grab that free report for effective ways you can increase your metabolism and burn away the stomach fat. Some great sources of antioxidants are berries, teas, coffee, red wine and... Smoking!

Which reminds me, many times when I look at my friends that smoke... How does one get free-radicals? they are bad dudes that are up to no good. Free-radicals are the bad guys... Antioxidants are chemicals help your body remove the cancer causing, free-radicals.! so the very act of helping our muscles remove free-radicals ! which me ans faster recovery time!

So where can we pick up some antioxidants? drink and eat moderately.

The key thing to remember is that antioxidants helps your muscles recover from workouts faster by removing the dangerous free-radicals. And the removing these dangerous elements can help you look and feel younger because it slows down the aging process.

Did I mention that free-radicals make you look older? Well, the truth of the matter is you can't avoid getting free-radicals in your system. they actually look older than they really are! And not only that, antioxidants also aids our recovery from exercises by helping reduce or eliminate free-radicals from the muscles. Let's not add toxic chemical from bug spray into our bodies... And somehow, for many people, antioxidants is like a black box.

Let me explain...

You see, when someone starts talking about healthy benefits and body parts -- a lot of people's eyes start to glaze over...

They ju! st don't care about the small details.


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