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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Definition of Different Muscle Tissues In Your Body

Well, they are all wrong! You are pretty much using most of the fast type muscles.

Another thing to know about fast twitch types of muscles is they do not hold much oxygen and as a result they are not well suited for endurance because muscles need oxygen to keep up the contractions.

The next type of muscles you will discover is the fast twitch type B muscles. Those muscles get fatigued the fastest of the three types of muscles. And sure, all muscles look the same when you look at yourself in the mirror but if you theoretically looked at your muscles with a microscope, you will discover 3 different types of muscles...

The first type of muscle you will notice is the fast twitch type A muscles which are the muscles used for force and speed. Unlike both fast twitch muscles, the slow twitch muscles are more likely to use fat as fuel as opposed to only using carbohydrates in the muscles.

Now that we cleared up and defined the three types of muscles in y! our body...

When you start your individualized body building program, the first thing you must understand is that different types of training suits specific muscle tissues in your body. Let's say you took a barbell and rapidly as possible, pumped your biceps. No More Skinny Guy! These muscles are different from the fast twich type A muscles because they are used for much shorter durations and at a lesser pace of exercises and workouts.

For example, if you ran as fast as possible for 50 yards, you are using fast twitch type A. You can absolutely gain muscular weight. Discover how at my website: Find out how to gain muscles fast! Is everybody telling you that you will always ! be thin or laugh at you? These muscles can go on for a long t! ime beca use of ready access to oxygen and less prone to fatiguing. The key here is to workout longer. So jog longer, swim longer or walk longer.

Keeping these three types of muscle tissues is key to planning an effective and beneficial workout for all muscles in your body.

Hate being skinny? If you ran slightly slower than that for a little longer period of time -- you would be using your fast twitch type B muscles.

Hope that wasn't clear as mud...

The type B muscles are less likely to fatigue because they can use oxygen more effectively...

The third type of muscles is of course, the slow twitch kind.

This is the muscle that is primarily used when doing slow, steady cardio and aerobic exercises. Let's talk about how to train each type of muscles efficiently.

To train your fast twitch, type A muscles, you will want to use maximum effort in short durations. So rip through your workouts in short reps one to five is sufficient with large lo! ads.

To train your fast twitch, type B muscles, you will want to use 80-90% of the maximum weight over a longer period of time.

And lastly, to focus on your slow twitch muscles, find exercises that are more of an endurance workouts.


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