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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Burn Fat and Build Muscle with Good Protein Abs Diet

So bars and shakes should be used as what they're originally made to be - as snacks.

Now that you've learned the why and how to use proteins in your abs diet, are you interested to learn the other scientifically proven food combinations to burn fat to unleash the hidden six pack of your dreams? The effect of drastic changes in insulin level in our body will promote fat storage. And there is not better way then to eat proper and balanced meal. A balanced diet is the best way to burn fat. As the protein in egg white only cause small changes in insulin level, thus making it one of the best way to burn fat.

Apart from egg white, skinless chicken and turkey breast meat are also good source of protein that contains minimal fat. For woman, the protein level should be at least 20g to 25g with less than 200 total calories.

A word of caution, do not replace a proper meal with bars and shakes, you need a variety of food combinations to burn fat. Although glyceri! ne is being classified as the carbohydrates by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it does not cause sudden changes in the body insulin level.

For man, the protein level in the bar/shake that you choose to have should have at least 30g of protein with less than 300 total calories. Whey protein is one where after ingesting will cause a rise in insulin level. Visit now.

Ian Kuro is the creator and founder of ABsolute Workouts where he provides valuable tips and resources on how to get lean and muscular six packs. I am going to reveal to you how egg white and protein can help you burn fat.

Egg white is one of the best fat burning food because it is high in protein. They are also filling and contain only 10 to 20% of calories from fat. Also, the fat found in these meats are unsaturated, thus will not harm our heart. Most people know that car! bohydrates will cause insulin level to raise after eating but ! many are unaware that proteins can also cause insulin levels to rise. Fat free cottage cheese is also another source of lean and slow to digest protein.

If you are busy and cannot find time to prepare 5 to 6 small meals a day, and would prefer something quick and simple but also rich in protein then you can go for the protein shake or bar.

However, when choosing a protein bar you should ensure that it has very little sugar and has protein that is slow in absorption, for example casein.

Protein bar also contain glycerine. It is absorbed slowly into our body after digestion, thus giving us a constant supply of amino acids which will help to build muscle and burn fat.

Because egg white is digested slowly and has high water content, we will not feel hungry so easily, thus reduce our craving for food.

Also, the protein in egg white will not cause a sudden surge in insulin in our body after eating.

In order to get your six pack abs, you must first remov! e the layer of fat that surround your abdomen. Visit for your free workout plans now.


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