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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Body Types and Body Building Muscle

This can make a huge difference in the results you get and can save you a great deal of time and possible pain.

There are basically three body types and there are specific ways you should train for each. The three are:


This body type is defined by a soft body with a rounded shape. However, you still want to avoid junk food at all cost. For women you may also want to add some fat in order to gain a more feminine look, so it's ok to have a steak or two. The interesting thing I found out about these people is that they usually have a large brain!

If this body type describes you, then your main goal should be to add on some pounds. A lifestyle change is needed. Going on a diet will NOT work. Your calorie intake should be lowered, but you should eat more meals per day in small quantities.

When trying to build muscle it is very important to first figure out what plan you should follow according to your body type. 5 - 6 meals a day wo! rks well for either goal as this keeps your metabolism going all through the day.


Ectomorphic people are the ones that seem like they can eat anything and everything all day long and not gain a pound. Your calorie intake should be more than you are used to, but like all the others it should be quality calories. Sweets, sugars and junk should be limited or if possible cut out all together. If you are looking for a huge body then a high calorie, high protein diet plan should be followed. The goal here is to get quality calories which mean mostly complex carbs and lean protein. Or is it that you just don't know where to start? Learn the secrets to build muscle and burn fat at and get the results you deserve! If you have a rectangular figure with an upright posture and you find yourself gaining muscle fairly easy, then ! this is your body type. This will give your muscles time to r! est so t hat you will be able to get the most muscle gains from your workout.

Are you tired or STRUGGLING every single day to lose weight or build muscle with no results? Weight training should be done with relatively heavy weight coupled with long rest periods (about 3-4 mins). You will need to mix in a reasonable amount of simple carbs (sugars) as well, to give you that extra energy you will need for the gym. The problem with people that have this body type is that they have a love of food, so this is the first thing that should be worked on.

When deciding on a training plan the main goal should be to lose fat and keep it off. If you are looking for a regular toned body, and you are a bit over weight, then focus eating to complex carbs and lean protein. The weight training program should be a relative light weight with a high rep range (12-15 reps). Six meals a day should be the target of your eating pattern. The only problem with these people is that people tend! to over train and get hurt, so watch out.

Your training program will depend heavily on your goals. When working out do relatively heavy sets with about a 6-8 rep range. Limit eating anything sweet as much as possible, and if you do eat sugar try to make it early in the day or as close to your workout time as possible. These people usually have an over-developed digestive system and underdeveloped muscles. They usually have a young appearance and are lightly muscled. After you reach round 16-18% body fat then a training program with heavier weights and a rep rage of 8-12 should be put in place if you want to add some muscle.


These are those "naturally fit" people.


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