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Monday, April 28, 2008

Hormones - What Part They Play In Building A Perfect Physique

They are low in the morning and rise at night when you fall asleep.

The final two hormones are insulin and cortisol. They also rise when you start training.

As a fitness/bodybuilding-buff, I know only too well that the hormones in your body can pretty much make or break your diet and training routine. When it comes to building-muscle, what you want to do is maximize the muscle-building hormones and minimize those muscle eating hormones. But what are the hormones that build muscle and what are the hormones that eat muscle? Straight after your hour's workout, go and have a high carb and high protein shake. Growth hormone is alot like testosterone in the sense that it rises when you do heavy weight training, although after an hour's training your growth hormone levels will begin to peak and fall back to their normal levels after a few hours. Testosterone levels raise in the morning when you wake up and fall at night when you go to sleep. Maltodextrin ca! rbs is the best if you can get some as it gets into your system very fast. What this will do is blast up your insulin levels and also cause your cortisol levels to peak and fall back to normal. Testosterone generally takes around 48 hours to level off back to normal (although slightly higher than before) after an hour long heavy weight training workout.

The next most important hormone to build muscle is growth hormone. Well, there are four main hormones that you want to pay attention to. Now, these two hormones are pretty much complete opposites when it comes to body building. Your body will now be in a state where your hormones are in perfect harmony to build muscle until your next workout!

If you want to know more about me and how I personally gained over 30lb in muscle, check out Everyone has heard of this hormone and its what pr! o bodybuilders take to bump up their muscle building potential! in the form of steroids. Any longer than that and your actually doing more bad than good because of the high cortisol levels in your body. When you train for an hour your insulin levels will be low by the end of the session and cortisol levels will rise, but unlike growth hormone, your cortisol hormones will continue to rise after your session, eating up all the muscle you have just worked hard to build in the gym - which is why you should only train in the gym for an hour. The hormones that promote muscle building are testosterone, growth hormone and insulin, and the muscle eating hormone is called cortisol.

Lets start with the most commonly known hormone in the body - testosterone. Heavy weight training is the best kind of exercise you can to do to raise your testosterone levels because of the high energy output over low reps. Insulin is a muscle promoting hormone and cortisol is a muscle eating hormone.


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