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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

4 Keys to Mastering the Kettlebell Swing

Once you get your swing form correct (i.e. Try to find something on the horizon that you can focus your attention on throughout the swing.

3. These three muscles need to be co-ordinated to fire near simultaneously to generate the force needed to swing the bell without too much effort on the part of the arms. using your lower body and not your arms), then if the momentum carries the bell above your shoulders you are ready to move to a heavier weight.

So that's it. At no time should you be looking at the ground in front or below you. Practice these exercises at the beginning of each training session until you have mastered the squat technique. The force generated from your legs, glutes and stomach should carry the kettlebell to the top of it's arc and no further. Squat Form

First, go back to the first chapter of Russian Kettlebell Challenge and review the basic squat exercises. Yes, the stomach. Perfect your squat form, keep your back straight, co-or! dinate your muscles, and ensure you are generating the majority of force from the lower part of your body.

The Kettlebell swing is the foundation exercise that all kettlebell training. They are squatting to a chair and return, squatting against a wall, and the squat deadlift (with the heavier bell). Muscle Co-Ordination

A common beginner mistake on the swing is to pull the kettlebell with the arms. Raise your chin such that you are always looking in front of you throughout the swing. The easiest way to prevent the back from curling upwards is to keep your head up. For more articles and tips to use in your kettlebell training, go to the Russian Kettlebells Guide website This is especially true when you move to the heavier kettlebells. If you are using your legs, glute and stomach correctly, the bell should not go above shoulder height. You should now have enough to begin improv! ing your kettlebell swing. If the end swing ends with the ket! tlebell above your shoulders, then you are using your arms to lift the bell. Back Straight

Ideally the back should be straight during the swing, but under no circumstance should the back 'curl' upward (as it does when you bend over to touch your toes). See Chapter 2 of Russian Kettlebell Challenge to see Pavel explain in greater detail.

4.Correct Momentum

This ties in with Muscle Co-Ordination above. You should also review all of the above points with Pavel in Russian Kettlebell Challenge.

Until next time, dosvydanya.

Ian Thompson of has been training with kettlebells for 6 months and has already felt the benefit in strength and fitness that this unique training equipment provides. While some pull from the arms is unavoidable, the majority of the force required to swing the bell comes from the legs, glutes and stomach. If you don't master! the squat, you will injure your back and you will never master the swing.

2. In this article I will cover the four keys to mastery of this most fundamental of exercises, squat form, back straight, muscle co-ordination and correct momentum. Focus on these and you should see rapid progress in your swing form.

1. The key to this co-ordination is to use the out-breath with the upswing of the bell.


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