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Monday, April 21, 2008

How Not To Gain Muscle - Over Train To Lose Your Gains!

You see the big muscle companies who own these magazines, also own all of the products thats inside them. Whether the sources are off line or online there seems to be an abundance of information about the subject. I became tired of filling my body with junk supplements, and working myself into the ground to find out that I was the same size as last month.

Over Train To Lose Your Gains!

Over training has to be the the worst sin anyone looking to get into mind blowing shape can do. All you will achieve is a lot of soreness and possible injuries. You can learn a lot more at;

You can also download a free information pack The fact of the matter is, a statement like that has no relevance to average Joe's like you and me. It's just more false information, written on purpose to take your hard earned money. But the fact is, it will n! ever work and you're just wasting your time and effort needlessly.

No matter what goals you set for yourself, whether it 's weight loss, gaining muscle mass, or in most cases both, there are a whole lot of sharks out there waiting for you.

To Your Success.

If you would like more information on building muscle, fitness or weight loss goto;

Andrew Ballard is a fitness enthusiast and avid writer who currently resides in the U.K

Did you find the article useful? Many rely on trial and error, thinking well if I just give it another couple of weeks, it'll probably work then. Plus the average Joe hasn't got the genetics of a Greek god.

People make so many mistakes that just halt the muscle building process in it's tracks. Most of the training programs in these magazines are written for people who are filling their bodies full of supplements or steroids. But have you ever asked yourself, who actuall! y writes these articles and reviews that many see as the word ! of god!< /p>

How would it make you feel if you found out that these magazines and products are scamming you out of 90% of your muscle gains, and 100% of your money. I know exactly what it feels like because I've fallen for it to. Most of the products in these magazines and the reviews of them are not being totally honest with you, to put it mildly. But how many of these sources are accurate?

The Word Of God - Don't Believe The Hype!

Body building magazines have been available for decades, and are packed full from cover to cover with articles, training programs and advertisements, all claiming to have the answers, the right way of doing things. So do you really think you're going to get an honest above board review. I think not!

Train Like A Bodybuilder...To become A Bodybuilder!

How many times have you seen a heading like that and have fallen for it?

How many of you are sick and tired of everyone telling you a different way to build muscle?


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