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Monday, April 21, 2008

How To Get Ripped Abs by Summer - Sizzling Shortcuts for Sensational Shreds

It's a high you've got to experience yourself to understand, and if you simply follow my advice above, you will be well on your way - I guarantee it!

And remember, we know so much more about our physiology every year, bringing exciting new breakthroughs to how we can quickly, easily and even EFFORTLESSLY transform our bodies in radical new ways, without having to undergo the laborious & monotonous remedial exercise of years gone by.

If you want to transform your physique, transfix your mindset, transcend the limitations of lesser men, and achieve levels of fitness and wellness that seemed previously impossibly unattainable now is the first time in h! uman history these gains seem available to all of us! Holding your muscles in an extended state of contraction is effective for all the body parts, but works especially well for the hard to burn stomach fat so many of us struggle with.

Focus, concentration and visualization. You are standing on the threshold of new paradigm of strength training, muscle definition and phenomenal physical fitness.

And if you're on the inside looking out..what a great view it is!

In this article we are going to explore how you can totally transform your beach body in a hurry, simply by focusing on the foundation of your physique - the abdominal area! But I'm going to be honest with you, the real secret to building a killer beach buff body is almost ALL in the abs. Focus, flex and repeat. This simply works, and does it in short order. Men everywhere spend huge amounts of time and effort building big, buff bi's and huge Pecs and large triangular shoulders and tri's - al! l of which will go a long way in giving you an impressive look! for sum mer. Simply by manifesting an interior dimension to your workout - the part that involves pure desire and mental manifestation rather than muscular exertion, is responsible for breaking through and leapfrogging the plateau that most average men will languish in for most of their lives.

Nothing feels quite as good as stripping off your shirt at the beach to envy and admiration of everyone around - men and women alike. (And the part of the male physique that 80% of women polled said is the sexiest...when ripped!) Let's take a quick look at what you can do to turbo charge your ab shredding efforts in time for those upcoming sizzling summer days, on the beach...and beyond!

Isolation exercises: If you want to cut your abs up in six pack shreds, you need to identify and isolate the muscles to tear down. It's a combination of mind science and physical effort. This is the key, in my opinion, to the sorts of results that only ½ of 1% will ever achieve with th! eir abdominal efforts. Visualize the muscles in your gut breaking down and building back up in concentrated cuts. Nothing targets the different abdominal muscles quite as much as hyper focused isometric exercise. See the result in your minds eye and simply make it happen with your effort. Begin with the end in mind.


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