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Sunday, April 27, 2008

High Intensity Training Builds Muscle Faster

We fail only if we want to. Limit Cardio exercises to 3 times a week for 29 minutes each.

Take adequate rest. So it is best to avoid these to build muscle and keeping them that way.

High Intensity Training to build muscle faster was created by Arthur Jones in the 1970s as an option to the volume training prevalent at that time which gave little results leaving muscle building enthusiasts depressed.

Some helpful tips

You have to put in lot of hard work because as the workout is sort but intense, you have to be ready to soak it in, in a positive frame of mind.

Have lots of protein in your diet. As the time required is less you preserve the precious energy your body has for other activities.

The time period between two workouts should be a lot for the muscle to develop. Because during high intensity training the muscle is under more strain and therefore needs more rest to grow.

High intensity training experts shuns steroids and supp! lements and feel they are a hazard to your health. They are the tissue builders and the more you take the merrier. The mantra is Sleep well and exercise well.

For details on high intensity training exercises and other ways to build muscle, click on my link below. You feel fresh and can withstand the high intensity training exercises with a smile on your face.

Include other exercises apart from the High Intensity ones.Especially Cardio exercises. Training To Failure is the most popular phrase used for high Intensity Training. The longer you endure the faster your muscles will grow.

High intensity training stimulates the muscles intensely but for a brief period of time.You derive the maximum benefit in a minimum amount of time.

Focusing on short but tough workouts using basic movements and heavy weights is high intensity training does build muscle faster. Your muscle builds faster on taking these, but on discontinuing, the results are ghastly even fatal. Because muscles contract and relax according to stimuli from the brain, so if we want we can make them work longer. This endurance is teste! d in High Intensity Training. Remember muscles don't build when you exercise, they build when you rest. Also fresh fruits and vegetables give you instant energy thanks to the minerals present in them. This means that if you are doing some sort of high intensity training exercise to build muscle and keep on repeating it until you fail to do so, you have failed. Your workouts should be less than an hour but intense. Protein is present mainly in eggs, meat, chicken and legumes.

Also have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, more so if you are overweight. They will help you to shed off the fat and keep you healthy and ready for the high intensity training. They help in burning fat, thereby assisting to build muscle. A minimum of 6 hours sleep is essential if you want your muscles to build faster.


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