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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Build The Calf Muscle Easily And Effectively

Repeat 2-3 times. Another way to help build this muscle is by skipping rope. Raise your heels off the floor. Also drink lots of water to combat dehydration. Then bring the heels down to the floor keeping your toes on the foot block. Exercise relentlessly, have a healthy diet, think positive and the result will be for you to see in less than a month.

Click on my link below to know more about building calf and other muscles easily. But perseverance pays. High water content foods help you to burn fat.

A simple tip to build the calf muscle is by cycling. We use the calf muscle everyday to walk, one activity we can't go without. Come back to normal position. After few days, get a heavier child or adult to get on and repeat from 2-3 times to about 6 times.

This exercise should preferably be done after the standing or sitting calf raise.

* Standing Calf Raise

Standing calf raise can be with or without a barbell on your shoulders. Also consume a lot of high water content foods like fruits and vegetables. Protein is the muscle builder. This will definitely help in the long run. Cycling and skipping also help when you are fat or obese and both these exercises help you to lose weight.

Building the calf muscle is challenging but not impossible. Beca! use every muscle needs rest to build and overexercising tires it. The calf muscle comes under stress when you jump down. Place a foot block in front of you. The calf muscle being the hardest to build requires all the more attention.

Remember to take in a lot of protein in the form of eggs, legumes, poultry and dairy products when you build the calf muscle. Pause at the top for few seconds, then put your heels. Use a bicycle for short distances. You can do some other exercise for some other muscle (you can click on my link for details) and then come back to the next calf building exercise. Again keep them in this position for few seconds. As many agree, the calf muscle is most obstinate of all the muscles to build. Your body loses a lot of water during calf building or for that matter any muscle building exercise, so the balance has to be maintained. Repeat 5 times

* Seated Calf Raise

This exercise is the same as the standing calf raise but the o! nly difference is that you will be sitting straight on a chair! with a padded barbell (otherwise it hurts)on your knees not shoulders.

You have to take rest after every calf building exercise. Any light exercise using light weights will not build the calf muscle.

There are 3 main exercises to build the calf muscle.

* Donkey Calf Raise

Bend over and support yourself on a table. Tell someone to get on your back (in the initial period tell some child to get on). You have to be patient, because you cannot expect results overnight. Stand with feet apart. Remember to increase this time gradually. But then why do all of us not have great calf muscles?

This article will tell you about how to build the calf muscle. Put the balls of your feet on the block and slowly raise your heels and stand tip-toe for a couple of minutes.


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