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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Serious 6-Week Mass Building Routine For Serious Lifters Who Wants To Gain Mass Quickly

They are also so called mass building exercises.

- Instead of doing pushing movements separately for each muscle group, you are performing them all in one workout session and this guarantees the fully recuperation to your pushing muscle groups.

- In the third workout, you are hitting the rest of your upper body, like back, trapz, biceps and rear deltoids. Feel the blood rush in your muscles and feel the pain!

Remember to warm-up your target muscles properly before the heavy workout and do a light stretching for each muscle group

You must be completely prepared for this Mass gaining workout routine and you must have a right frame of mind before beginning this workout! Below is an example of 3-weeks workout schedule:


Monday: Legs, Abs
Tuesday: Back, Biceps
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
Friday: Legs, Abs
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest


Monday: Back, Biceps
Tuesday: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Legs, Abs
Friday: Back, Biceps
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest


Monday: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
Tuesday: Legs, Abs
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Back, Biceps
Friday: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest

Workout plan to build muscle

WORKOUT 1 - Legs,Abs

Leg Extensions 2 x 20 (Pre-exhaust sets)

Squats 4 x 6-10 (Last set to failure)

Leg Presses 3 x 8-10

Hack Squats 2 x 10 (Burning sets)

Straight-leg Deadlifts 3 x 10-12

Leg curls 2 x 12

Seated Calf Raises 3 x 15-20 (30-60s rest)

Standing Calf Raises 2 x 20

High Pulley Cable Crunch 3 x 15-20 (30-60s rest)

Hanging Leg-Raises 3 x 15

WORKOUT 2 - Chest,Shoulders,Triceps

Incline Bench Press 4 x 6-10 (Last set to the failure)

Flat Dumbbell Press 3 x 8-10

Cable Crossover Flys 3 x 10-12

Military Dumbbell raises 3 x 8-10 (Last set to the failure)

Dumbbell side laterals 3 x 10-12 (Burning sets)

Barbell Shrugs 2 x 12-15

Lying triceps extensions 3 x 8-10

Triceps Pushdowns 3 x 10

One Arm Dumbbell Extensions 2 x 10-12

WORKOUT 3 - Back, Rear Delts, Biceps

Deadlifts 3 x 6-10

Barbell ! Rows 3 x 8-10

Pulldowns 3 x 10

Seated Cable Rows 2 x 10

Bent Over Dumbbell Raises 2 x 10-12

Barbell Curls 3 x 8-10

Alternate Dumbbell Curls 3 x 10

Preacher Dumbbell Curls 2 x 10-12 (Burning Sets)

Hammer Curls 2 x 10-12

These examples are for intermediate and advanced trainers. You are now maximizing rest for each muscle.

- Train with heavy weights, using fewer reps (6 - 10) for larger muscle groups, like upper back, legs and chest and higher reps (8 - 15) for smaller muscles, like biceps and shoulders. If it's too light or too heavy, feel free to adjust sets and reps according to your own approach and experience level!

Burning sets are the way to contract the target muscle extremely hard and doing it in a very controlled and smooth motion. Just click Here These are the muscles, that are primarily targeted in pushing movem! ents, like bench press, military press and dips. Meanwhile, I! recomme nd, that you read my muscle building tips, that helped me to gain 15 pounds of muscle mass in less than a month!

How to get most of this muscle building workout program?

Remember, that these reps, sets and exercises gives you only the guidance of your workouts, always adjust the workout programs according to your own experience and level. For an exception, you can go as far as up to 20 reps with the muscles, like calves, forearms and abs.

- Adjust the workout days and rest days according to your own schedule, but make sure, you are training four times in each week.

- You will train the whole body four times during a three week cycle, following 2 on, 1 off, 2 on, 2 off cycle. This is one of the most efficient workout program, that I have ever tried and it still works like crazy! Split your workouts into a three separate muscle groups, that the total

- In the first workout, you fully train your legs and abs. Beginners should do slightly less set! s and exercises than this workout plan reveal. Never follow any of the program exactly as it shown on the paper. Keep the focus on using progressively heavier weights.

How the program works?

- This workout program follows the 3-day split routine. These movements are primarily involved in pulling your arms towards your torso.

- This method of training is ideal, because you are hitting all the muscles separately in one workouts session, that are directly involved with the particular target muscle group, such as back and biceps, where the biceps are working as the assist muscle along with the back. Legs consist of big muscles and it is easy to add mass to your legs through heavy compound movements, therefore they should be trained in their own workout sessions.

- In the second workout, you are hitting the chest, shoulders and triceps.


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