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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Best Way To Build Chest Muscle

Before you know which is the best way to build chest muscle, let us learn what we actually want. You got to eat right and get plenty of rest. So flyes should be given utmost importance if you are starting to build chest muscle.

The chest muscle is a big muscle with many insertion points so these workouts have to be done at various angles.

Low Cable Crossovers : This lays stress on the inner chest muscles

High Cable Crossovers :This lays stress on the inner chest muscles, apart from the outer ones, giving you a nice separation.

Dumbbell flyes: This is also a way to build the inner chest muscle but it must be done with utmost focus to get maximum results. Whole wheat products like oats and muesli give you the energy needed to face the day and its workouts!!

The chest muscle is certainly hard but not impossible to build. Don't overstress on a particular muscle. Muscles grow when you sleep or rest. We want a :

A gorgeous rib cage

A clear separation between the upper and lower chest.

So the best way to build chest muscle should stress upon these points.

There are many workouts to build the chest muscle to have a lean and muscular chest and the best ones are here for you.

For building the chest muscle you need to do Flyes and Presses and Crossovers. Remember to do this exercise after the crossovers as tricep exercises have to follow chest exercises for maximum benefit.

Bench Press (Wide Grip):For the lower pecs

Decline Bench Press : For the inner pecs and the lower pecs.

Before starting any of these workouts, do some jogging or skipping. Dumbbell flyes are good for the growth of the chest muscle, as in any workout the best way is to increase the size of the muscle and then shape it.

Bench Press (Narrow Grip) : A good way to build the inner chest, upper chest and the triceps. You have to start your daily workout with chest muscle exercises when you are fre! sh.

In addition if you have a weaker chest compared to o! ther bod y parts, you may have to consider Weak Point training or priority Training.

Try to mix and match all your workouts. Also eat lots of protein rich foods like eggs, meat, cheese, pulses and legumes and nuts. Drink lots of water and water rich fruits and vegetables to prevent dehydration. If you would like to know more about these exercises and how they are to be done, click on my link below. Flyes increase the size of the muscle, and presses and crossovers shape it. It might weaken the others.

The best way to build chest muscle is not oly crosovers, flyes or presses. These cardio exercises send blood to the chest area, making the chest workouts effective.

Keep increasing weights every set, even if it is a very marginal increase, as this is the fundamental requirement to build chest muscle.

Keep stretching your chest mus! cle between exercising.

If your chest muscle is weaker than other muscles you have to do full stretched out and full contraction flyes, decline press, pullovers, incline chest press.


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