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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How You can Build Muscle and Burn Fat

No matter your resources, you can do effective workouts.

If you exercise smartly, you'll be able to quickly build muscle and burn fat. Instead of doing longer workouts, train smarter by using interval training. New muscles are built only when you push past the comfort point.

Your cardio also needs to be stepped up. This is because as you build muscle, you will be burning fat at a faster rate. You can get in shape by doing push ups, working out along with a cardio DVD, or by lifting dumbbells that are inexpensive and can be stored under the bed. Don't make the mistake of doing strength and cardio one right after another.

When you are developing an exercise routine and a healthy lifestyle, you should have two goals: build muscle and burn fat. A healthy lifestyle will address your need to build muscle and burn fat.

A well balanced diet and a thought out exercise plan are necessary. To lose weight, you need to burn more calories that you cons! ume. Your goal should not be simply burning calories, but changing your metabolism.

A gym membership or at home gym machines are a good way to do your workout, but they aren't necessary. When you strength train, you should not be comfortable with the amount of weights you are lifting. To have a lean and healthy body, these are the two things that are needed. This does not mean that you should be on a restrictive diet. You do not need to be on restrictive diets or take unhealthy and unnatural supplements. Vary between low and high intensities so that your body will have a chance to rest between the most intense workouts. Both are important, but emphasis should be places on strength training. If you have no problem doing the reps, increase the weight. Your diet should cut out the junk food and focus on whole grains, vegetables, fruit, and quality protein sources.

Many people who want to both build muscle and burn fat are unsure if they should foc! us more on weight training or on cardiovascular exercises. T! his will make your workouts more effective. However, you should make time in your weekly routine for both strength training and cardio.

If you've been exercising for awhile and you aren't building muscle or burning fat as quickly as you like, it's time to step up your routines. You can also download a free report on how to lose body fat. If you do this, you probably aren't giving them your all. Instead, by eating right, getting plenty of rest, and using interval training in your workouts, you'll get the body that you want.

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