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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Middle Aged Muscle Building

But by applying patience and taking your time and ramping up slowly you are more likely to avoid an avoidable injury. But in the beginning it's likely you don't even know what pushing yourself means. Moving forward in this manner will allow your connective tissue to keep pace with the rest of your workout. Most of us aren't very realistic about our lack of physical conditioning. Unfortunately, you couldn't feel it, you only felt the pump in your bicep.

These ideas apply to when you had a layoff from a workout routine that you may have been doing for quite some time. And because you're used to doing it, your body has become accustomed to what is required to make that particular activity happen.

In the beginning use moves that are slow and methodical. It took me several months to get full use and range of motion of my elbows again. The day after your first workout you're going to know with some reliability whether or not you chose the correct weight and rep! account.

And how will you know this? So best use this hard won cunning to your best advantage. The next day both my elbows had sharp pain. At some point in spite of your best considerations you may push yourself too far. Even if you've been lifting weights for a while be sure to consider some fundamental ideas on your physical awareness. Concentrate on feeling the muscle. I was so focused on my shoulders I didn't realize I was trashing my elbow tendons. This is a lifestyle issue not a vanity issue. This is where you begin to know and understand how your body reacts to the work you're asking it to do. I know you have to push yourself to get results. It's certainly possible that other responsibilities were so intense that you lost a whole 10 days that normally would've been dedicated to a consistent workout routine. It's trial and error. Be realistic.

One thing you do have is a little more wisdom. Doing side raises, ( with not a whole lot of weight),! I made the mistake of locking my elbows. And as much as you ! my want to "arrive" in time for the beach vacation or high school reunion you may be sadly too late. It even affected my day to day activities outside the weight room.

Now when on a workout I'm very cognizant of my form and how I'm fixing my joints. Moving forward I had to totally modify my workout regime. You may get an incredible pump on your biceps while you're working out and not until the next day realize the tendons of your bicep were under incredible stress. The last thing you want to do is forget yourself and lose a valuable time to an avoidable and injury.

Especially keep in mind all the connective tissue and tendons. Likewise, do the same for your rep account and choose a workout routine that works the whole body three to four days a week. The 10 days went by like a blink of an eye and in your mind it wasn't very long, but your body may see things differently. Build up to explosive moves. Your not likely going to be doing massive weights or reps stra! ight out of the gate. Not only should you take your time while your doing the actual work-outs, but consider the real time it might take to arrive at your final destination. This is the feedback loop you'll need to rely on in the beginning. You can join the forum and share your own story by visiting Yes I know no pain no gain but some pain is the kind of pain you can live without. I mean this on two levels. Again is the idea that you don't bounce back the same way you used to. In your mind your the same guy who played college or high school sports and your mind is perfectly willing to ask your body to do the things you used to do back then. You may not even realize what muscles you are using until the next day when the muscle soreness tells you exactly what area you hit. Additionally, I also pay attention to the weight I choose combined with! the number of reps I do for any one exercise. Think of the c! onnectiv e tissue as the weakest link in the chain. I have myself, at the tender age of 48, had my own problems, especially in the areas of the elbow when swinging dumbbells forgetting I wasn't 21 anymore. Take it easy for the first couple of workouts you might be surprised how much of an edge you lost over 10 day period.

Fred Abernathy is a long time health enthusiast with a keen interest in the benefits of health and diet methods that promote quality of life as we continue to age. Form is really more important than the number of reps or the amount of weight you choose.

So how do you know what the right amount of weight to choose is? Even if your a weekend athlete you have to consider the possibility that what you've been doing every weekend has been limited in terms of range of motion and strain on your body. Now that you're older you don't bounce back the way you used to so an injury can knock you back for weeks.

No it's not to late you can still get ripped ! if you want but there some things for the older-muscle- man to consider.

Take your time. Unfortunately there is a very real gap between your mind and your body especially if you've been largely inactive for some number of years. This is a sober consideration, especially if you've let yourself go. This is how we learn. In the beginning, choose weight that is much lower than you think you can lift. Your muscles will be sore, not sore, or incredibly sore. Certainly in a perfect world we get all the exercise we need week in and week out. I'm in it for the long haul so there's no point in risking potential injury by choosing the wrong weight or using excessive weight. I'm always careful not to completely lock out my joints.


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