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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tips For Muscle Growth - How To Get Head Turning Biceps

According to many of the muscle gurus, these two exercises alone will build more huge biceps than any other exercise. Andrew also keeps an up to date blog on all things relating to fitness and muscle building at

There is no other group of muscle, that has earned more nicknames than that of the humble bicep. This is a perfect reason reason to decrease the volume of training to your arms.

Using the same old bicep exercises

Every muscle builder will put their money on two simple exercises for building huge biceps, these are; barbell curls and dumbbell curls. In the defense of anyone suffering from skinny arm syndrome, the allure of huge, mountainous biceps will never go away. Huge, bulging biceps are something that every man or woman wants, even desires.

How many times, when you walk into a gym you see guys d! oing bicep curls, with the same determination to add even a quarter of an inch to their biceps. After all, the biceps are a man's prized possession.

Ok, so here's a question for you. You can simply focus on increasing the weights on your rows, pull ups and chin-ups, and I can assure you that your biceps will come along for the ride and will grow proportionally.

However, if you are always training your biceps, it's common sense that they will always be fatigued, and then, when you train your back muscles and, you are only going to be as strong as your weakest link. Try and keep the bar constantly moving without pausing at the top or bottom. But then again, why should it? Over training is one of the major sins of muscle growth, and you're doing yourself more harm than good. Not to keep torturing your bicep for another hour.

This a concept that can be hard for many to grasp because of the fixation with the instant gratification of making their biceps lo! ok big during the workout, this is such a short lived success.! Traini ng biceps is an obsession for most, and sometimes guys can spend an entire hour doing concentration curls while starring in the mirror, searching for the smallest sign of growth. Your goal is to not allow any oxygen into the muscle which in turn creates a spike with your anabolic hormones to promote muscle growth.

Now I know that these are only basic examples, but sometimes the simpler the exercise the better the results. The aim is to keep a constant tension, never give your muscles a chance to breathe. Sometimes all you need is to get back to basics...period.

Andrew Ballard is a fitness enthusiast of over 15 years, and avid writer. All this will achieve is, you'll end up training every muscle accept the one they are actually trying to train. There is something to be said about keeping blood in the muscle as long as possible, but if your workout is done lifting weights that do not overload your muscles, hence making them grow, your biceps will just deflate ! back to normal with no real muscle gain whatsoever.

Not focusing on increasing overall strength

A strong emphasis should be built around increasing the chest, back and shoulder strength. These days guys seem to spend longer shopping for t-shirts than girls shopping for a blouse, with the hope that one of these shirts will make their arms look good.

Obviously there are going to be some that disagree that bicep training has become an unhealthy, obsessive addiction. Instead you see a lot of bad technique, by that I mean using momentum and sloppy lifting to curl the weight. As long as you have a basic idea behind the principle of muscle growth, you should stop falling for these false promises. Especially if you're a hard gainer and not gifted with the genetics of a Greek god.

Set yourself a goal that each weight training session, you should simply aim to out do your last session. But this perception that what you're doing is beneficial is also decei! ving. If there are so many men or women obsessed with seeing ! their bi ceps grow and dedicate so much of their workout to isolating their biceps, why do they still have so little to show for their time and effort? If you would like more information on the subject visit You can also download a free video training session. But for the average Joe who is taking the natural path, the gains obviously won't be as dramatic.

Not enough tension on the muscle

I think many newbies to weight training, do not really grasp the concept of isolating and training a muscle. Once you achieve this with an extra pound or a few extra reps, then it is time to move to the next exercise. Many of which fall short of the claims they make. Did you enjoy the article? I have to agree that these exercises are a good, solid foundation, but remember that some bodybuilders use steroids, so they are going to have a strong response to any ex! ercise they do. But you are also risking serious injury. To grow, muscle needs rest...period.

The truth is it is possible to achieve a fairly decent muscle pump in the gym. Let's take a look at the common problems associated with training your biceps.

More is not always better

It has been said many times before, but needs to be said again, less is often more. To many times in magazines you read about new and exciting ways to build muscle.


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