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Friday, April 25, 2008

Tips For Weight Training

Goal setting is an extremely big part of any final answer.

Tip #2 Maybe the most difficult: Commitment

Discover a weight training program that's in tune with what you would like to see as a result. Come up with a plan that gives a final result, then work backwards to attain it. Go after this professionally, look at it from all angles and when it comes down to it: hire a reputable trainer and let them guide you to where you want to be! (Another must-have)

No #5 - Make your efforts in training gradual, slowly building up. a little more in focus:

Tip #1 Setting Your Goals

Doing things inch by inch is a heck of a lot easier than doing things in leaps and bounds. Then, study it again. #1 - Jot down what your long and short term goals are and be truthful (realistic).

No #2 - Adhere to a single program for the minimum of 3 months. What you need to do is only to do a little more work with a little heavier weight week to wee! k. Better still is to find the author and ask them. You could be buffed and feeling a whole lot better about yourself. Look at your weights increasing from 2 and half to 5 pounds per week and you're getting somewhere. Just doing little jumps in increments is where the real progress can be seen and felt!

So...before you begin, take another look at these "beginning weight training advice and tips" and you'll look forward to those trips to the gym and the time you'll spend a lot more favorably. Then set your next goal post at six months, then where you want to be in one year. If you don't understand it ask someone who has gone where you are going. If everyone had the correct answer you'd see a heck of a lot more lean, muscular bodies on the beach, male and female.

Now before entering any gym to train with weights there are a couple tips you need to be aware of. More damage to your entire body can be done than you could imagine. Do this over the course of a! year and you are really getting somewhere. You can also find! trustwo rthy sites online that will stop you from taking part in a guessing game. If you tell yourself after a few weeks that "this doesn't work", you are making excuses and you need to get out of that mode. Think for a minute...where will you be in only 52 weeks? Remember this little saying as you begin each workout. I'll go deeper into these tips after I've listed them.


Training with any kind of weight properly is something that eludes most of those wanting better bodies. Dig down and commit to your goal!

Tip #3 Your WT "Education"

Ask yourself a very basic but highly important question: "What do I know about building muscle?" If someone were to come up to you and ask you if you could help them with a twelve week plan, would you be able to sincerely help them? Don't over-do it and hurt yourself, either physically or emotionally.

If you're really looking to get into serious weight training or weight gaining or shaping your body, you need to c! heck out these free video coaching lessons from a top weight training source. Weight-training is not something you can just gloss over! Know thy foe, as they say.

Tip #4 Using Correct Techniques

If you know absolutely zilch about proper weight training procedures, do not attempt to make them up as you go along. Example - try and gain one pound a week to make a final goal of 50 pounds in a year. And, the more correct techniques you learn correctly will be an example of just how easy it is for your to damage yourself physically. Spend a little green now, at the beginning, and your body will thank you for it.

Tip #5 Progress Slowly

Like I said before...inch by inch is easier than yard by yard. They will be glad to assist you. This is very important - commitment!

No #3 - Make sure you are an "educated consumer" before beginning.

No #4 - To instruct you in t! he correct techniques, you need to hire a trainer! Start by f! iguring what mark you'd like to reach in say three months. Weight training is the same. Slowly, but safely. You do not need to increase your bench press weights by 20 or 30 pounds the first week. Find a person whose training methods you admire, and hopefully they'll have a book out - buy it and devour it!. Like any good student, study the entire program completely before diving in. Make sure you completely understand the workout program backward and forward. Don't go the route "Oh, this is something I can do by myself", or "I watch others do it so I'll do what they do". Again...ask yourself if you could build your OWN body in those three months and if you couldn't, you don't have the necessary education and/or tools about training, nutrition and recovery.


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