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Friday, April 25, 2008

12 Pack Abs - Only for the Super Fit

They lie between the lats and the front abs. The key to having 12 pack abs is to lean up and get rid of the layer of fat that is covering them and hiding them. It runs from the top of your pelvis to your sternum and is the main abdominal muscle. This means that a low fat diet and lots of cardio are in necessary as well as your workout.

Discover the 5 secret facts that your physical trainer doesn't want you to know about getting rid of your gut and having a solid six pack. This also eliminates lower back problems.

To accomplish this, you need to sit on an exercise ball and do crunches. In fact, this is the muscle that gives you that legendary six pack. You do need to work these muscles, however to keep your correct posture and stay aligned. These three layers work together to tilt the torso and make it twist from side to side. Do side bends while sitting on the exercise ball and do Russian twists to keep this muscle set in shape.

Intercostal! Muscles

The intercostals are located between the ribs and are the muscles of breathing. There are also specific exercises that work each group.

Rectus Abdominis

The rectus abdominis forms the basis for your 12 pack abs. One arm cable crunches with an overhead pulley are great for working this muscle set.

If you work each set of muscles, you will have the 12 pack abs that you want, but in order to be able to see your 12 pack abs, you have to be very lean. They are located at the sides of the waist.

You don't want to overwork these sets of muscles because they will make you look as if your waist is thick and you won't be symmetrical. This is the best way to work this abdominal muscle set.

Oblique Muscles

The obliques are actually three layers of muscles. But each muscle set plays a certain part in your abdominal display. This muscle set is located on the rib cage and extends in finger like strands across the rib cage. ! The ball allows you to not only bend forward the necessary 30! degreed , but you also bend backwards. The 12 pack abs are actually super defined abdominal muscles.

You have heard of 6 pack abs and even 8 pack abs, but what about 12 pack abs? You may wonder if this is even possible. When it is properly developed and your body fat is low enough, it is what gives you the look of a six pack.

Crunches are great for working this set of muscles, but to really work them and get the maximum workout, you need to bend your torso backwards about 15 to 20 degrees as well as forwards. Click here to go to They are best worked by any exercise that causes them to flex and twist such as a twisting crunch done on an exercise ball.

Serratus Muscles

This is the muscle set of the infamous 12 pack abs. They work to depress the rib cage as well as aid in moving the upper arms from pointing up to pointing dow! n. They are the bands of muscle that angle downwards at the upper abdomen and the sides of the rib cage. This is why 12 pack abs are only for the super fit.

A good set of 12 pack abs involves four sets of muscle groups.

* The Rectus Abdominis

* The Oblique Muscles

* the Intercostal Muscles

* the Serratus Anterior

The Serratus Anterior muscles are what turn a 6 pack or 8 pack into super fit 12 pack abs. There are the external obliques, the internal obliques and the transverse obliques.


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