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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Gain Muscle and Weight - 5 Powerful Tips For Skinny Folks To Gain Weight

When engaging in weight lifting or resistance training, put more effort on the larger muscle groups. After repeating the routine for a while, at some juncture, you would then see diminishing weight gain or your weight starts to stagnate and you stop gaining muscle and weight. The author's name, bio and website links must remain intact and be included with every reproduction.

Find out more about natural and effective tips on how to gain weight and muscle mass quickly that have benefited many skinny people at the popular blog. Do not stick to your usual 3 meals, but eat smaller meals but more frequently, say 5 times a day. Their high metabolism simply makes it difficult for them to gain muscle and weight. Remember you really need to eat more to gain muscle! and weight.

3. These are great to help skinny people gain muscle and weight in no time.

4. Continue your exercise routine until you hit another plateau and increase your calorie intake by another 250 calories.

By following these simple instructions, you could gain muscle and weight to your desire level in no time. But please be realistic and do not think that what you have done over the past one week would immediately make you gain an extra 15 pounds. This is normal. You need to focus on growing big so this idea must be drilled into your mind until it becomes second nature to you. But this time, increase it by 250 calories per day. So to gain muscle and weight means to think big in the area of diet and weight gaining exercises.

There are 5 powerful tips here you can use to gain muscle and weight.

1. Read up more muscle gaining tips at my blog and also find out for yourself the secrets behind skinny people who manage to gain muscle and ! weight quickly when all else fails.

This article may be ! freely r eprinted or distributed in its entirety in any ezine, newsletter, blog or website. Calculate the amount of calories you are eating now on average. So once again, add more calories into your diet. Some people are born skinny and are what people call 'skinny by birth or skinny genetics'.

To gain muscle and weight is not an easy task for some folks. Do not make any change to your calorie intake at this moment. On the very next day, include an additional 500 calories into your diet. So, be prepared and get changed into your attire. Another very important factor is your diet. Growing big does not only mean resorting to weightlifting to gain weight and muscle. After changing your diet, it is time to start your weight lifting routine. If you have been a skinny person, you probably would have known this long ago. What it means is that your body is ready for more calories now. 2 pounds a week may not sound much but in a month's time, you would gain 8 to 10 pounds of m! uscle weight. Be as accurate as you can to the most minute detail. Now that sounds better right?

5. Do free weight exercises like pull-ups, bench presses, bent-over rows, barbell rows and squats. And also do not forget to go weigh yourself.

2. But it is not impossible to gain the kind of weight and muscles you have always dreamt of. Take for instance, your calorie intake is 2300. In fact, anything beyond 2 pounds in a week is not a healthy sign as you could be adding more fat than muscle. Once you reach the end of the week, do weigh yourself and see if you have gained extra weight after following the instructions. So now, start eating 2800 calories per day for the entire week.


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