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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Build Muscle With Pushups

Being hungry doesn't mean you reach out for the coke and chips. If it gets too much, than lower to 7 or else try 10 the next day.

Pushups are indeed the best method to build muscle. But as I said earlier, they are the easiest and fastest way to build mass. Actually this is not mathematics and there is no hard and fast rule on the number of pushups and the number of sessions.

The mantra is you should enjoy whatever you do by learning to endure the pain. If you want to build muscle mass, build your toughness of mind first. Be sure not to do pushups on a heavy stomach. Visualise how you will look with a muscular body. Before doing pushups I suggest you meditate for some time and have positive thoughts in your mind. Your body will ache, it shows that you muscles are getting stimulated and they will start their job in a short time i.e building muscle mass. Like you are about to do something enjoyable which will change you for the better. Of course there are numerous other ways to build muscle mass other than pushups, you can see them by clicking on my link below. Also such foods help in burning fat rapidly. In less than a month of doing a considerable number of pushups you can gain up to 5 pounds.

But one thing is clear, you got to be mentally tough for doing pushups. And the results are ! quick. For pushups cause pain in the muscles, initially and unless your are not mentally prepared you would want to quit. But if you are suffering from blood sugar or pressure you have to consult your doctor for the right diet.

Also have a lot of high water content food like fruits and vegetables and lots of drinking water. After pushups you could try meditating again to ease the pain.

Another advantage of doing pushups to build muscle is that you don't have to leave your home and spend money by joining a gym. As you will sweat a lot doing pushups your body needs water to maintain the balance. If everything works out fine then you could be doing about 700 pushups a day spread out over 5 sessions. Pushups are doubly effective because they help to burn body fat and build muscle mass. Eat lots of protein because they are the real and only tissue builders. This is an age-old trusted formula to build muscle.

You may click on my link to know more about b! uilding muscle and related diets. Beverages help in reducing ! muscle m ass, so all your efforts to build muscle get wasted. Have lots of eggs, meat, poultry and legumes. Deep breathe for 2 minutes and start your pushups. Do five pushups 4 times a day, then increase from 5 per set to 8 the next day. Pushups leave you feeling ravenous and your diet goes up to 3 times your original food intake.

You have to be very careful in your diet. A two hour gap after heavy meals is ideal. Try to have session right after you get up in the morning.

If you are completely new to pushups don't do more than 20 pushups on the very first day.


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