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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Always Wanted That Brad Pitt Fight Club Body?

I wanted to build my body to a strong buffed up weight lifting machine, but stay sculpted to keep my enviable six pack at the same time.

There are programs out there you can get that can help you do it, and this is exactly what I did. Now I've got my cheselled abs and 16lb more muscle than I started off with. Alot of bodybuilding programs claim that they can help you do this, but this is a completely bogus statement. I went from 13% bodyfat down to 8%. I learned that without taking any illegal muscle building prohormones, your body will gain around 1-3lb of weight per week on this diet and training routine - the vast majority of this will be muscle (around 80-90%).

Now, as a general rule you should take in 15-20 calories per lb of bodyweight to build muscle. Your stomach has eaten up and burned all the calories you ate the day before while you slept. Glad you're paying attention! Benching and squatting more than double the weight I was before I sta! rted the program.

But how did this 5 foot 11 inch 160lb symbol come to be? Never mind Brad Pitt, now I want to look like Arlold!

See how I personally gained 30lb of lean muscle at this link and you can start gaining muscle too! Well, my friend, there are two very healthy lifestyle changes you need to make if you want to look like Akilles or Tyler Durden - diet and exercise.

I started off as a 5 foot 8 inch, 126lb weakling! Success! And most importantly, how can I look like that! When you awake in the morning your body is in a fasted state. Why you ask? You want to get it just right, so that you're eating just enough protein and just enough carbs so that you're gaining maximum muscle and as little fat as possible. If you're doing this properly, you will put on mostly muscle and some fat. The reason is a commonly unknown one ! but makes perfect sense. But I had gained some dreaded bodyf! at too! I got the info I needed and learned some pretty interesting and surprising things, that not alot of people know, on the way. What I needed to do was bump up my bodyweight, but not just eat chocolate or crisps all day to gain the pounds. So in my case, 126lb x 18 = 2268 calories per day. Of course, these calories have to come from a certain ratio of calories from protein, calories from carbs and calories from fat, like I said earlier. This is what I had to consume to put on muscle.

As I ate my way through these calories (six meals per day) I found myself gaining 1-3lb per week! Straight out of your bodyfat supply!

By cutting my carb calorie intake and doing these half hour sessions in the morning ontop of my weight training routine, I lost 7lb - mostly bodyfat. One of the secrets I had learned was that to burn bodyfat, the best thing you should do is a half hour cardio session in the morning. This is the perfect time to get your heart going. 9 we! eks on and I was a healthy looking 150lb. The reason why is because to put on muscle, you must intake more calories than you burn off during the day - a specific mix of protein, carbohydrates and fats. But wait, your body's in a fasted state - where will the energy calories come from? If you want to gain weight, like I did, the first thing you must note is that it is VERY unlikely that you will ever gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. When you start to train and your muscles work, they will be gasping for energy. Now, fair enough, I had a six pack that the majority of guys would be jealous of, but that was only because I had hardly any fat (or muscle) on me at all. Not enough protein and not enough carbs and you won't put on any weight at all, and too much carbs and not enough protein and you will just gain fat.


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